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Who in solo founders is interested in collaboration? What are people working on?

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@marcojelli Hi Marcus! I am constantly looking to expand my network and connect with other founders. My startup Emaww is building an AI API to detect emotions when users touch and interact with apps and websites on their smartphone. What are you working on?
@aliciaheraz Hey Alicia, thanks for responding! That's a cool project you're working on. On my end - my goal is to build the operating system global early stage investment - starting with a tool for angel investors to track investments and relationships.
@aliciaheraz I want to increase angel investment in the world (and accelerate innovation). There are a lot of talented founders that don't have access to great early investors and advisors. Starting with a tool for angel investors can create a source of truth that leads to more investment for founders everywhere. Why start here? I spent the last 3 years in southeast asia (right now I'm in San Francisco). And became fascinated with solving the problem of how to empower distributed startup ecosystems. I also kept running into regional investors and investment groups that wanted me to build tools for them.
@marcojelli The input bandwidth of current human computer interaction is too narrow and slow: only verbal expressions and users' deferred interpretations are captured. We need to expand the input bandwidth to include non-verbal users' expressions like the expression of biological emotions to grasp the most of what users communicate and improve human computer human interactions. I have been working on emotion assessment and detection for years and I thought I could do something about this :)
@marcojelli I believe many people including myself will be willing to collaborate. What skill set do you imagine potential collaborator to have that would complement yours?
@prashantbuddy Hi Prashant, product-minded software engineers, angel investors (they're my target customers). I could use some help on the full-stack engineering side. Mobile engineering is also a gap. I do product and frontend development, and have a good handle on the whole sales/distribution/marketing piece in a product-centric way. I value vision/character fit over exact skill fit.
Hey @marcojelli! Collaboration is the new competition. I want in 😉
@be_creatv What are you building right now?
Thanks for the question @marcojelli I'm looking to build a team of makers collaborating in southeast asia. BY building a new kind of co-working community.