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✍️ Does this demo video suite the PH launch page?

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What do you think about the product after watching it? Please vote or comment to help me collect the feedback :)
@ksenia_svechnikova Hello. I hope a couple of my thoughts will be helpful😉 At first - I like this video. But I want ask where you want to show it? It matters because this video too long for landing page and not so informative (if you want to use it in hero section). Also this video not catch my attention as it should if will be used in advertisement. This video perfect for situation when somebody ask - "What product are you working on?" and then you send a link with little description. Small note: I like your landing page, looks nice, neat and informative.👍 Good luck with launch🚀
@alexwawl Thanks for your Alex, it's extremely helpful🚀. I was thinking about using it on the landing pages, but the main use is product page at ProductHunt, Linkedin, AngelList, ... where this video should answer the question "What is this product about?". I'll add more info to this task to make it more about Product Hunt launch video
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