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Sketch UI for new goal tracking app πŸ’ͺ🏼

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@charca There are so many goal tracking apps out there (including Makers πŸ˜…), what's gonna be different?
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@amrith hey! Sorry that I missed your question earlier! The app I'm working on is focused on visualizing progress more than anything else. Unlike a todo list app for example, this app is all about milestones, progress and rewards. In that sense is more like Habitica ( but with less gamification πŸ˜„ Hope that makes sense! And thanks for asking!
@charca nice - what features are you excited about?
@abadesi I'm most excited about the Dashboard I've been working on! I'm a visual person, and having a single view where I can visualize my progress towards my goal (or goals) at a glance, works wonders for me! And of course I'm excited about dogfooding it 😬