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πŸ”Ž Research GitHub, figure out the gist of it (any tips welcome πŸ˜…)

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@anna_0x I'm such a noob on Github, I'm sure @ayrton knows more πŸ˜„ fwiw I like to star interesting projects I may try to re-create, and follow people working on stuff I find interesting or similar to things I'm building. I'm not actually building anything at the moment so haven't been on it in a while, but when I was making web apps with Ruby on Rails it was helpful to see other similar applications people had made in the same language.
@ayrton @abadesi Thanks, well I'm really new to programming (more of a wannabe than a noob at this point I'd say) and haven't spent the time necessary to understand how these "basic" things work on a technical level! I'm currently on a summer break from work so I have time to research but I'm a chronic procrastinator :)
@anna_0x I recommend taking a look at Github's Learning Resources:
@venikunche bookmarked ⭐, thank you :)
@anna_0x in layman's terms GitHub is used to store code in folders(repos) and share them with other people. People can clone the folder (make their own version of it - fork), update the code inside the folder and send it back to you (pull request), you can choose to accept or decline the submission (merge) So mainly people use GitHub to keep a backup of their code(I do) and sometimes share their code with the community. You should research a bit on git. Its a version control system that lets you keep track of changes. So let's say a file has the letter "a" in it, now you replace it with "b".After a few days or so, you feel like "a" was the right choice. So you'd use git to revert back to the file containing "a". In order to use GitHub efficiently, you need to understand a few basic concepts of Git. Good Luck!
@anna_0x @harowitzblack That's the best beginner-friendly explanation of Git and Github I've read !
@harowitzblack thanks so much for the thorough explanation. I already had some very basic understanding of Git but your comment tied everything together very nicely. Thanks :)
@anna_0x Git is actually what you are learning as GitHub is just a hosted platform facilitating git with some extra goodies baked in. Think of git as saving the file each time you make a change (git commit). The way this benefits you is that it gives you the entire timeline for everything you have done in a project with the option to restore and merge in other files with different functionality added. is a great resource for learning Git and GitHub, i recommend you check it out and am happy to help if anything is unclear.
@itsnblackburn thanks a lot for the link, I will check it out tonight! :) I do know it's Git and GitHub is just the platform and that there are other similar platforms, I did not phrase my goal right, I should have written Git but nowadays it's almost synonymous with GitHub πŸ˜…
@anna_0x I wanted to learn this too! Here's my notes if you'd like! Hope they help :) and I forgot all of the references so hope it doesn't count as plagiarism πŸ™ˆdefinitely copy and paste stuff from the wonderful web! Here's one of the links I do remember I used though!
@adelaida_sofia hey, thanks a bunch for sending me a copy of your notes! I always wanna take notes like that while I'm learning something in order to look up things I forget later, but I usually get lost in the moment and don't take notes at all. I think this will be useful.
@adelaida_sofia That's really cool thank you for sharing this! @anna_0x I hope it's going well, have you find any good resources you would recommend? :)