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Write a roundup blog post on 2018 and my ambitions for 2019

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@amandineflachs I'd like to read it when done.
@souhailmerroun Thanks Souhail, it should be out today or tomorrow! Happy to share it with you once it's out.
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@souhailmerroun And my year in review blog post is out! I'd love to hear what you're working on and your plans for 2019!
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@amandineflachs I enjoyed reading your article. Thanks for sharing. For me, In brief, 2018 was about going as fast as I can in every direction chasing a vague idea of success. 2019 will be about slowing down, figuring out what I really want to achieve and taking my time achieving it. Note: I sent you a LinkedIn invitation.
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@souhailmerroun Thanks Souhail, just noticed your LinkedIn invite and will reply asap.
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