Get a Yo whenever there's a Product Hunt with > 150 upvotes


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Matt McNaughton — Student, Williams College
Just a heads up about Yo ProductHunted - @andrewudell and I modded it after Yo 1.1, so that now it'll send you the link to the product in the Yo. Also, because > 100 upvotes meant people we're getting a ton of yo's, we increased the threshold to 150.
Ryan Hoover — Product Hunt
@mattjmcnaughton @AndrewUdell smart! Looking forward to the next yo, yo.
@rrhoover @mattjmcnaughton Another heads-up...we've received a lot of requests to increase the threshold so we've increased it to 500 upvotes. If it feels like too much, we'll lower it.
Kyle Ryan — A Pragmatic Millennial
I've been using this since Andrew first showed it to me. And it's been working pretty well so far. In the future, maybe I could also get a Yo for PH @mentions. But at that point, I'd just wait until @rrhoover makes a PH iOS app. :)
Jason Crawford — Co-founder & CEO, Fieldbook
Just got my first YO from PRODUCTHUNTED, and it's about PRODUCTHUNTED—so meta!
Jason Crawford — Co-founder & CEO, Fieldbook
@orarbel +1 😃 👍
Jason Crawford — Co-founder & CEO, Fieldbook
@orarbel Hmm, weird, my first attempt at using emoji, they don't show up correctly in Chrome. I am such an emoji noob
Ⓜatt hartman — seed investments, betaworks
@Betaworks intern @AndrewUdell and his friend Matt McNaughton built this in a weekend. I've been using it every day as a quick alert about whether there's something trending on Product Hunt.
Also, shoutout to http://www.producthunt.com/posts.... @mattjmcnaughton and I used those HTML5 site templates to build the landing page.
Erik Torenberg — Product Hunt
wow! is there a list somewhere of all the cool Yo hacks from the hackathon? @orabel
Ryan Hoover — Product Hunt
Ha! Love these creative Yo hacks. This weekend Yo Server is Down got a ton of love and TechCrunch covered a few other creations at the Yo Hackathon.

Yesterday @Noah_L dropped me an email, suggesting we do a "medieval" Product Hunt hackathon at his castle. We're working on an API (signup here). Who's in!?
Ben Broca — Facefeed
yo is def interesting. product hunted is a cool hack.

i'm not sure i believe Yo will grow organically via its API though. I think there needs to be a person-to-person growth.

I found 2 use cases for yo so far: first one is silly private joke with a friend, send a yo whenever there is a pretty girl around. he yo's back if he sees her and agrees. second one with one of my investor: yo him when i need to talk, he yo's back if he's available.

But essentially you need to make the effort NOT to dismiss the simplicity of the product + make the effort to agree with someone on the meaning of a yo. That's a lot of friction unfortunately.
Eric Seufert — Editor, Mobile Dev Memo
@bencera_ I agree with this. I think the gimmick is too narrow to scale up without having to surrender the simplicity of its origin with the Yo app. This product hunt hack is kind of cool, but it also comes without any meta data (what product was upvoted, when it was posted, etc.). Would I really go from this message into Product Hunt to check the product out without knowing those essential things? Unlikely.
Geoffrey Weg — Betaworks | Ex. TechStars, White House
Would love to see YO accounts for other amounts too: 50, 100, 150, 200.
@GeoffreyWeg that would be cool. We set it to 100 for this one because we figured that would be a good number to send out around 1-2 yo's per day.
Benjamin Hoffman — Software Engineer
lol is anyone else anticipating their first YO from ProductHunted? I'm like, let's hit 100 already, I want my YO. Been waiting all morning!
@benhoffman_ Thanks! @mattjmcnaughton and I are really hoping we can get 100 upvotes so that the first official yo from our app can be from something we built!
Mark Abramson — I print on things
@benhoffman_ Damnit just signed up but Yo Product Hunted is at 101 right now. Will have to wait for the next one.
Benjamin Hoffman — Software Engineer
I just got YO'd!! So cool.
Michael Arrington — CrunchFund, TechCrunch
Got my Yo when this hit 100. nice.
@arrington @jasoncrawford @benhoffman_
Thanks. Glad you're all enjoying it. Really appreciate the support.
Ryan Hoover — Product Hunt
Almost as exciting as watching the ball drop. Well done, @AndrewUdell & @mattjmcnaughton :D
Matt McNaughton — Student, Williams College
@rrhoover thanks ryan! we're huge fans
Benjamin Hoffman — Software Engineer
Hi @AndrewUdell & @mattjmcnaughton ..... Is this still working? It seems two products reached over 100 upvotes but I did not receive any YOs.

Did you send a YO for JOBBOX and Sunrise for Mac on Thursday?
@benhoffman_ we had a little problem, but it should be working again now. Also, our scraper intentionally only looks at today's posts, so if a product reaches over 100 upvotes after the day it is posted, you won't get yo'd.
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