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Neil Kinnish
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Ali R. Tariqย โ€” Product Designer, Manulife RED Lab
This could well be a game-changer for mobile usability testing. Are we finally going to be rid of laptop hugging??

@alirtariq Before laptop hugging, back in the days of Jamdat mobile, they used an expensive camera/projector device called an "Elmo" projector. These things ran $1200 - -$2000 apiece. Thankfully, technology caught up to the need!
Ali R. Tariqย โ€” Product Designer, Manulife RED Lab
@geoffabrown @alirtariq just Google Image'd Elmo projectors and I had a nasty rush of memories of my accounting classes. Shudder.
Hey All

I'm part of the team (http://lookback.io) behind Unicorns. We're super happy to release and be on Product Hunt!

To give some context...

Unicorns was started as an internal experiment, we fell in love with how useful it has become and decided that we would love to see how this gets used out in the wild.

It's a first version and early stages, we will be iterating as we progress but would love to get any feedback / questions.

BTW here's an example user stream from earlier... https://unicorns.io/stream/99409...
Ben Hameyย โ€” Great Ape, Bonobo
@neiltak I have been wanting exactly this app for ages! Fantastic execution and great branding :-) Did you consider making it a paid app?
@hamey @neiltak hi Ben, thats great to hear - thank you very much. We haven't thought too far ahead to be honest, we limited the features also as we don't want to dictate how people use it at this stage. Very excited to see what people do with it.
Ben Hameyย โ€” Great Ape, Bonobo
@neiltak Awesome! Good approach.
alex kwonย โ€” oneminute
@neiltak this is so useful. I used to stream my 2nd phones screen through meerkat/periscope. Those silly days are gone with this baby๐Ÿ‘ป๐Ÿ˜
alex kwonย โ€” oneminute
Found out about this through @ow thanks again!!
@alexyoungkwon @neiltak thanks Alex, I think I saw you comment in @ow's stream! really pleased you like!
Murat Mutluย โ€” Co-Founder, Marvelapp
I've been beta testing Unicorns for the last few weeks and it's been fantastic at solving how we communicate bugs and issues with our iOS app across a distributed development team.

I can now live stream my phone screen to @pakmee who can see bugs happen and replicate easily.

But beyond this it's exciting to thing about the possibilities of the tech, live streaming games and more.

Definitely recommend trying it out, the team behind it is super talented too!
Owen Williamsย โ€” Special Projects at Crew
Hey this is really fun! A few kinks to iron out, but people really enjoyed watching me play TwoDots ;)
@ow Absolutely this is definitely a version 1 release, we have much to do and so many ideas but we were really tough on the features we put in. Kind of want to see how people use this also.

Watched your stream, thanks that was amazing to see!
Simon Dawlatย โ€” CEO, Batch.com
Fake demo is priceless, it got me. Well done.
@virtualgoodz haha thanks Simon, we need to make some more of these!
Evan Clarkย โ€” Student and Product Junkie
I see this being huge with mobile gaming!
jariย โ€” Frontend @ Oberon.nl
Cool idea, but why is the performance so bad compared to quicktime capture?
Even without streaming the resolution is really low and even though it states it's 30fps, it certainly isn't 30fps, it's 10 at max.
All though it's great that this single application handles everything at once, if you just simply record quicktime with (for example) OBS, you'll have a much higher quality stream. (both in resolution and framerate)
@jarizwarts the fps depends on a few factors, we've seen very good fps, but its adaptive to your connection and other factors... currently it is limited to 30 max due to the nature of the tech we are using.

BTW when you start a stream, it always starts off low and improves :)
jariย โ€” Frontend @ Oberon.nl
@neiltak What I said in my question was that before even starting a stream, it was already heavily underperforming the native quicktime recording (in FPS and quality) and I was wondering why that is.
I didn't say anything about the stream itself.
@jarizwarts ah ok, apologies miss-read. I think we may have reduced the fps in the preview for perf. reasons when streaming, I'll check that, but we definitely have work to do โ€“ pleased to have this version out though. Thanks
Mathias Adamย โ€” Head of Design at @Flat_io
Best product ever for designers :D
Howie Diamondย โ€” Director of Biz Dev Sparkart
Congrats on a great launch and beautiful product!! Can't wait to explore different ways to use it for social and business.
@howiedelicious thanks Howie! thats excellent โ€“ย keep us posted
Niv Drorย โ€” Writer/Social Editor @ProductHunt
Awesome :)
Fahm Sikderย โ€” Designer at Saavn
This is fantastic. Might have missed it but can this also detect where users are touching?
@fahmsikder thanks. Not currently... but we have other products where we do that https://lookback.io
Joel Patrickย โ€” Head of Product at HealthUnlocked
This is unbelievably cool!!!
Linus Ekenstamย โ€” CEO, Copygram
Amazing work by everyone over at Lookback - nice to see some real epicness taking place in this sphere.
Serge Doubinskiย โ€” Director of Product @Ebates
I want this to be amazing but in the couple attempts lag has been 10-15 seconds! Hope you're just getting massive PH hugs and everything is back to normal later, but it would suck to run into such latency during a demo.
@convergeonserge the quality and lag can be affected by connection, but it's early days and the app will improve as we progress.

The in app preview is a little slow right now, this will be improving soon, but it doesn't affect the stream

thanks for trying it :)
dcย โ€” textranch founder
Congrats. Amazing.
Tommy Kuntzeย โ€” UX Designer
Very slick - nice work @neiltak!
@tmyknze thanks, the team worked really hard so it's great to see such a good response
We are watching this space and would love to get feedback/questions still!
What do you think of deejaying as a use case? Check out this stream: https://unicorns.io/stream/10030...
Ouriel Ohayonย โ€” appsfire, CEO/ isai (VC) co-founder
looks fantastic for product testing and support!
Julian Lehrย โ€” App Promotion, Google
love the idea.
there's a lot of use cases where this would come in handy!
any plans on developing an android version as well?
@lehrjulian Thanks. Potentially, we just want to get this version out and then iterate, but we do support other platforms for our other products https://lookback.io, so no reason why not! :)
So slick and so useful. Amazing.
Would love to more about it technically, will there be a blog post?
nevyn Bengtssonย โ€” CTO, Lookback
@ahussein That's a great idea! I'm the developer for the nitty-gritties in this app, and until we've written an article, feel free to ask me anything you wonder about the technicals!

Some goodies: Even though I've coded for iOS for a decade, AudioConverter stumped me. Here's a good summary: http://stackoverflow.com/questio...
And here's some of the stuff I've learned about MPEG: http://stackoverflow.com/questio...
@nevyn @ahussein why not do it directly from the app using the SDK ?
Victor Baroย โ€” iOS Developer at Produkt
Today we have tried to use Unicorns to share our new app, Thoughts (thoughts.ink) and it didn't work. It was pretty good at the start, but after a minute, it freezed and stopped working :(
It is a really nice product and would love to see it working properly.
Victor Baroย โ€” iOS Developer at Produkt
@victorbaro I forgot to say, it would be nice to include input from microphone so you can speak and explain what you do while you share video.
@victorbaro Sorry to hear you had an issue, I believe we got a crash report from you so we'll check this out... it's early stages and will only get better. We actually had a version with voice, but decided to remove from this release while we perfect the product. Thanks
Cinzia Pinamontiย โ€” Marketing Director, Peeptrade
Is this application only available for Apple products? Working on anything for Android and Windows users?
nevyn Bengtssonย โ€” CTO, Lookback
@cinziapinamonti It is. Both of those platforms are super interesting though! Especially on Android, as it could just be an app without connecting it to a computer to do Unicorns streaming. We're not working on such a product right now, though; so for now, Unicorns is limited to Apple products.
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