Build a backend without writing code


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Micah Baldwin — Old Founder. Grey hairs and everything.
super smart founders, who started with Sails.js ("rails" for node) and have built a solid product in Treeline, which allows a frontend engineer to build backend code ... without coding. I really wonder when the day comes when lines of code are no longer written, everything is built via drag/drop type interfaces?
Mike Hostetler — Managing Director, Epic Creative
@micah Completely agree. Been working with Sails.js and this team and they are doing some great stuff.
Taylor Edmiston — Lead Backend Developer, LISNR
@micah I love playing with new graphical programming tools too, but I don't think we'll ever anticipate every need so well that professional developers won't need an IDE and command line to build production-grade commercial apps. Side projects though...
Parham — map(brain, patterns)
This is so awesome, looks to me like IFTTT for developers
John Freddy Vega — CEO,
Treeline is incredible. They truly want to free frontends from the typical
"Sorry, you have to wait for the API/validation/database structural update/library/socket to be ready". Because, to be honest, most of the serious app dev is now on the frontend, mobile and web. I saw an early demo and it's impressive, give it a try!
Mike Khristo — Builder. Maker. Operator. Entrepreneur.
@freddier wait, what? "Most of the serious app dev is on the frontend" is a bit of a stretch of the imagination don't you think?
Mike McNeil — CEO, The Treeline Company
@freddier @mikekhristo good point- depends on the app of course. But i built apps as a consultant for about the last half decade and honestly in most of the projects I saw, at least 60% of the (wo)man-hours were spend on the client(s)
Troy Carlson — Editor in Chief @
@freddier if by "serious app dev" you mean UI's for CRUD apps, sure.
John Freddy Vega — CEO,
@mikekhristo I can see how my comment went too far, in perspective.
For *most* app dev, Frontend is where the cool stuff happens. Obviously, if you're doing Machine Learning or a similar complex thing, you're doing impressive, fun backend.
But for *most* ideas, Backend is quite predictive. Treeline accelerates that a lot. Maybe.
Mike Bestvina — Professional Utility Infielder
@freddier if you're conviction is that strong, would you use Treeline for your own startup (Platzi)?
John Freddy Vega — CEO,
@mbesto Actually we're hoping to migrate the API that'll talk to the mobile app to Treeline. It'll be faster than going through the same process with Django or Node (our stack) and connecting to the same DB.
Scott Gress — Co-founder, Treeline
Thanks to everybody checking out Treeline, totally humbled by the response! Getting out beta invites as fast as we can, and will open to the public ASAP--ran into some issues due to even-greater-than-expected demand (I know, I know). We're temporarily suspending our free hosting feature to help with the load. Hit us up with any questions!
Aaron Hanson — I help startups get press
@sgress454 A good problem to have! Congrats!
Tommaso db — Founder & CEO, swaaag, Inc.
Think of a world where MVPs are done in a blink ... where entrepreneurs can pivot in hours and find the Product Market match in a fraction of time! Awesome job @sgress454 & team!
Christian Van Der H. — Co-founder, Platzi
Great team behind Treeline and Sails.js.
Jai Pandya — Maker, Developer, Ex-LinkedIn/SlideShare
What prelang did to rails is what these guys are doing for sails.js. Loved it for two reasons:

1) The ease of creating flexible / configurable nodejs backend seems to be a few minutes task. This was never possible before.
2) Local development environment keeps in sync with the changes being made on treeline via websockets. This is brilliant. No need to do any manual efforts here.
Great to see treeline on Product hunt. Definitely great things coming from this team.
Nick O'Neill — Cofounder, @treathq
Looks awesome. I do a lot of work on now but there are plenty of flaws that Treeline could capitalize on.
Mike McNeil — CEO, The Treeline Company
@nickoneill Interesting! Something we've seen a few times already is developers using Parse or Firebase as their database layer and communicating with it from Treeline/Sails (e.g.
Nachiket Patel — CEO, JumpByte
@nickoneill True. & Biggest flaw of Parse Code (server) is you cannot run same environment locally & you are sandboxed.
Spencer Schoeben — College dropout working on something new
This is a really cool approach to backends without having to code. Though technically, I'd consider their interface a visual coding language. So it's still coding. What they are really doing is abstracting away all the unnecessary shit and leaving the end user with only the controls they need to make the backend that suits them best. Love that!

I'm just really into the whole "what even is code?" thought experiment. So I felt the urge to clarify.

Swift is a programing language that lets you not have to deal with memory management. In much the same way, visual languages like this (and Max, for example) attract even further, but the end product is still coding? Or not. idk
Ben Halpern — CTO of
This is really great. I hope it is stable and keeps evolving. Stuff like this will make it way easier to shoot out MVPs.
Ali R. Tariq — Product Designer, Manulife RED Lab
Anything that allows me to focus on the front-end with the capability of using a backend is always exciting. How does this compare to Strongloop Arc? Or Stamplay?
Matthew Tomaszewicz — Working on things.
No brainer idea. Well done.
Mohit Mamoria — Founder, Horntell
Now, this is what I say is the correct replacement of "typing out code". I've seen many attempts at making "code draggable and droppable", but those never impressed me when I tried to use them with complex logics.

Treeline, take a bow!
Bennett Wong — Digital Designer
Can't wait to try this. BETA ME.
Mike McNeil — CEO, The Treeline Company
@ennsu just sent you an invite. Welcome!
Jarod Stewart — Software Engineer, Simple Energy
Saw the video for this last week. Very cool. Looks very interesting. I'm a big fan of Sails.js.
Mike McNeil — CEO, The Treeline Company
@stewartjarod sent you an invite
Nice! Also can't wait to try it. Been also a fan of SailsJS. Great job guys!
Mike McNeil — CEO, The Treeline Company
@johnkevinmbasco I just sent you an invite
Wilson Peng — Founder At @YesInsights
holyy crap, and i thought firebase saves me a lot of time..
Alex Lunnon — Product @ Flippa
Can't wait to get my hands on an invite!
Ugur Kaner — Product designer w/ superpowers
Hey guys, how do I reach out?
Ugur Kaner — Product designer w/ superpowers
@particlebanana thanks Cody, shooting an email in a bit. Is it also possible to get an invite?
Chris Dahl — Pin Payments
Really interested in trying this for a side project. Any idea how long until beta invites go out?
Mike McNeil — CEO, The Treeline Company
@chrisdahl working through them- I'll look for your email!
Irl Nathan — Co-Founder, Treeline
@chrisdahl Hey Chris what is the first or last part of the email you used for the beta?
Nachiket Patel — CEO, JumpByte
@mikermcneil Can you give me Beta access? I am starting an in-house project, would love to do that using treeline.
I have already expressed my interest in @ website.
Mike McNeil — CEO, The Treeline Company
@patelnachiket will get you taken care of this morning!
Irl Nathan — Co-Founder, Treeline
@mikermcneil @patelnachiket check your email :) and thanks for taking a look.
Nachiket Patel — CEO, JumpByte
@mikermcneil, @irlnathan Thanks for prompt response, and for early access.
I will leave a feedback / update once we build something :)
Looks awesome! Great job guys. Can't wait to try it out!
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