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Hey there, John here (The Maker).

We see lots of our friends in the startup world struggle with building their personal brand and audience.

So we wrote this to help them get started.

Love to hear your comments on the overall concept and/or the lessons within the course.
Fabio Virgi —
@johnmgannon FYI, your logo in the footer directs to Unbounce. Thanks for building this course though; looking forward to reading :)
@fabiovirgi_ @johnmgannon Thanks for the heads up. Maybe an unbounce thing or 'user error' on our part :) Either way we will check it out. Hunt on!
Sam Christie — Social Media Manager, ParkWhiz
@johnmgannon John can you sign me up? Signed up this morning and haven't had any emails come through. Sam at samchristie dot me. Thanks!
Tim Flannery — Venture Partner, Pilot Mountain Ventures
I'm thrilled to see this on Product Hunt. John used Startup Climbing, a group I put together, as his example on how to build an engaged community. I was proud to be included. The rest of the course is top notch as well. I suggest checking it out.
John (the Maker) again:

Almost forgot to mention...

For anyone who signs up using the promo code “PRODUCTHUNT33”, we’ll give a 33% discount off any plan we offer through our personal branding platform Bemaven
Jon Slimak — CPO @kandu
Great stuff here!
@jonslimak Thanks Jon! Would love to hear what you think once the lessons start trickling in.
@jonslimak Thanks, Jon! Expect more where this came from....
Amol Sarva — Halo, Knotable, Knotel, Peek, Virgin Mob
I have had a chance to learn this game plan and it is extremely good. The next gen of "I should blog more".
Pawel Janiak — I love making tools
I tried signing up, it does nothing :(
@cynicalgrinch Hi Pawel -- thanks for the note. There is about a 20 minute gap after which you should have the 1st email in your inbox. Please check your junk folder as well in case it got stuck there.
Pawel Janiak — I love making tools
@johnmgannon hey, no I mean the page literally does nothing. It doesn't send any HTTP requests after I hit submit.
@cynicalgrinch sorry for the trouble.

Just tried from a few different places to see if it was something happening across the board. Will keep checking to see if I can reproduce.

In the mean time should I add you manually?
Pawel Janiak — I love making tools
@johnmgannon sure thing, pawel@mybema
@cynicalgrinch I've had the same problem, try disabling your adblocker if you use one.
@densmoe Thanks for sharing that. We have some regular analytics pixels (e.g. Mixpanel) that maybe are problematic to ad blockers, too.
@johnmgannon I'm using ublock. it blocks your mixpanel, google analytics, twitter analytics scripts and some facebook url when I click the button.
@densmoe Ahh ok. If you want me to add you by hand please let me know. Thanks :)
Rhys — Director of Marketing at Roadmunk
Excellent, needed another kick in the pants to get writing again. Cheers John!
@rhysmohun Thanks! Hit 'Reply' in any of the lessons if you want to give feedback -- or just flame me. :)
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