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Sergei Sorokin — Director of Product, Littleinc
@rrhoover, we decided to move on from direct 1 : 1 messaging into building and facilitating conversation with your local community. We took a broadcast approach to 1020 which is new for us, but still very core to why we originally engaged in building products to make communication and connections easier.

We have always believed in creating new ways for users to communicate and express themselves in. 1020 is exciting for us because it allows users to communicate without the fear of an audience filter. We did what we do best, we followed the data, and were inspired by what we saw naturally happening in group communication on MessageMe.

The approach and bet we have taken is that it’s completely local within 1 to 50 miles of your location.
Sergei Sorokin — Director of Product, Littleinc
@ffumarola, we can always do a better job of describing our value proposition - thanks for keeping us honest. We’ve been inspired by many products but most importantly we took note of early bulletin boards that existed about 10-15 years ago, as well as craigslist. Our aim is to be a local bulletin board, from 1 to 50 miles of your current location, by showing you the most recent and popular posts from other users around you.
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