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Ryan HooverProduct Hunt
I've been a long time user of TalkTo. Path just announced its acquisition and release of Talk.

Yo, @davemorin! Congrats. :)
Alexander TaubCo-founder, SocialRank
was about to post it- damn you @rrhoover
Brenden MulliganFounder, LaunchKit & Cluster
I'm really interested to see how TalkTo adds to Path. Seems like such different apps. Always interesting to see a company make a big move like that.
Brenden MulliganFounder, LaunchKit & Cluster
I also think this is really smart of the Path team. They're messaging feature was gorgeous but buried behind too many taps. Will be cool to see it on it's own.
Adam EversBuilder - Internshipsinsf & Coindera
The idea of being able to talk with businesses is interesting. Love that it was included on the landing page as coming soon. What a great way to monetize the application. Hopefully from a management perspective they'll be APIs tools/platforms can plug into.
Dave MorinCo-Founder & CEO, Path
Thanks @mulligan really appreciate it. Our thought was that the places in your life are deeply intertwined with your personal relationships. After work, you head out to dinner with family and friends, being able to get a reservation quickly in real time just like sending a text seemed like it would save people time and give that time to hanging out in person.
Thomas SchranzCo-founder & CEO, Blossom
This is absolutely amazing. TalkTo integration will be super interesting going forward. The quick reply use-cases are brilliant. Well polished.

This is how you communicate a product update.
Brenden MulliganFounder, LaunchKit & Cluster
@davemorin nice. TalkTo was one of the few recent apps that felt magical. Nice pickup!
Dave MorinCo-Founder & CEO, Path
@adamevers we agree. We think the intersection of messaging and commerce is a huge opportunity, and mostly dark to the Internet right now. We do plan on providing a variety of interesting APIs here as well.
Kristofer™Founder @ Lamplighter Labs
App looks great!

Being a "Handmade sticker artist" sounds like one sweet gig :)
Dave MorinCo-Founder & CEO, Path
@__tosh thank you, means a lot to us to hear that from you.
Dave MorinCo-Founder & CEO, Path
@kristoferTM we're hiring! :)
Thomas SchranzCo-founder & CEO, Blossom
Speaking of super powers this goes way beyond a remote control of the world. To form meaningful connections we as humans want to talk to everything that we have a mental concept of.

Dave MorinCo-Founder & CEO, Path
@__tosh exactly. As we started thinking through how to approach messaging more deeply we began to wonder: what if you could interact with anything through messaging?
Ryan DelkGrowth @ Gumroad
The first time I used TalkTo was very similar to the first time I used Uber. It's a magical experience. Texting local businesses is superior in every way to calling them.

Brilliant move by Path, both in the acquisition and to spin out a messaging app. I'll gladly pay a monthly fee for unlimited messages to businesses, and likely spend more time in the app engaging with friends because of it.

Congrats, @davemorin!
Dave MorinCo-Founder & CEO, Path
@delk thanks. We really appreciate it. It is truly magical, we can't wait to bring it to people at a larger scale.
Ryan HooverProduct Hunt
Most products are distracting and take more of my time which is why I'm most interested in Place Messaging (the ability to text messages business).

TalkTo is awesome but frankly the app lacked soul and personality, something Path certainly has.

@davemorin Place messaging hasn't launched yet but can you give us a peak into how it's going to work?
Adam EversBuilder - Internshipsinsf & Coindera
^ +1 to that.
Dan HopwoodFounder, Drivn
Struggling to get on – suspect servers are getting hammered..?
JP PatilVP Product Marketing, tenXer
Cant get through.
Akshay PatelProduct Manager
@davemorin can we assume TalkTo will get folded into Path Talk? I stepped away from Path but this would be an offering to bring me and probably many others back. Hope this move works out.
Zack ShapiroiOS at Splash
@davemorin Were there any specific things you learned from Path Messaging/Path 3 that drove you to break Talk out into its own app? Is part of the draw the ability to open APIs to Talk specifically without exposing the rest of Path to a developer community?

I also wonder if Talk will also compete with Layer at some point in the future if both pursue the messaging platform opportunity that Apple's left wide open by not exposing an API for iMessages.
Ali AhmedFounder, Dispatch
Nothing really seems new or particularly unique here. In fact it is nearly identical to every other messaging app out there. Why not focus on only business texting @davemorin?
Dave MorinCo-Founder & CEO, Path
@rrhoover @mrakshaypatel yes, in our next release of Talk, the TalkTo Service will be completely integrated into Path Talk as a native service. We will then close down TalkTo as a standalone app. Right now the design has "Places" as an additional tab next to "People" with a pretty cool UI we are excited about. Your messages with Places will live right in the Chat list along with People and Groups you are talking to. Additionally (and one of the things I'm most excited about) by using the "Talk to..." field in our top nav, you will be able to use the typeahead to auto complete on people, groups, and nearby places. It is going to be a lot of fun. We are so excited about putting this superpower in peoples hands.
Kevin XuCEO & Founder, imHome
I wonder how much the ambient status feature affects my battery, I turned on all the possible statuses
Dave MorinCo-Founder & CEO, Path
@syedaliahmed there is nothing new under the sun. We believe that Ambient Status is a new and interesting take on Status. We also have 4 million daily active users, so for them this means that messaging is much easier to access than being buried in a tab in our main app. Business Messaging is the core differentiator we are focused on for new users indeed.
Dave MorinCo-Founder & CEO, Path
@imkevinxu it should not affect your battery. The Ambient Algorithm is optimized for efficient battery consumption. On the iPhone 5S the M7 chip enables us to be even more efficient.
Ali AhmedFounder, Dispatch
@davemorin love the idea of ambient statuses, I'd in fact say that as a standalone app would possible be much better. Path is incredibly successful as I've always been envious if your amazing growth, but I've always had this feeling that it was really cluttered. A standalone messaging app seems to be a move in the right direction onwards deconstructing the app (similar to what Facebook is doing) but this again just seems to be trying to do too much. Either way wish you all the best with this launch and looking forward to seeing how texting businesses will work out, cheers!
Dave MorinCo-Founder & CEO, Path
@zackshapiro probably the best thoughts on the lessons learned and reasons for Multi App are captured here:
Scott MeinzerCo-founder, Vee
Awesome update, nice to see the messenger get some more focus. I’ve always loved how conversations felt on Path and how easy it was to share different types of content. Seemed like Path nailed a lot of that before anyone else was even thinking about sharing anything other than text. Will be interesting to see how talking to places (which is rather impersonal) lives along side chatting with close friends.

Also, I’m adding this update as evidence to my “Tab bars always win” folder. Its been interesting seeing almost every big social app go through some form of hamburger/side nav to land back at a tab bar. Something to be said about the clarity of always knowing exactly where in the app you are and easily being able to hop to anywhere else.
Dave MorinCo-Founder & CEO, Path
@syedaliahmed one of the design principles we are following here is to follow our users. If Ambient Status becomes popular on its own, then we will look at focusing more on it and even breaking it out into its own app. Generally, based on what becomes the most popular and users desire to access the most, we will do more of this.

Our goal is to learn as much as we can from each app we do, the successes of each app, but most importantly the failures. So that for the next app all of our learnings are best applied.
Dave MorinCo-Founder & CEO, Path
@scottmeinzer we agree, today Places have no place in Messaging. The interactions you have with Places are deeply impersonal, often requiring you to have akward conversations on the phone with a stranger, and then wait on hold wasting valuable time with family and friends.

We hope that we can create a more personal relationship for you with the Places in your life by enabling you to text them to get reservations, make appointments, check for product availability...all so you can not just have more time back to live life with family and friends, but to also have superpowers to coordinate the important Places in your life that you gather together.
Dave MorinCo-Founder & CEO, Path
@scottmeinzer also, on tab bars, we finally agree. After years of going after the drawers approach, we did a ton of user testing. The data is clear, the users have spoken: tab bars always win.
Thomas SchranzCo-founder & CEO, Blossom
@davemorin imho it's fascinating to see that while communication is at the core of human desire the UX/interactions of messaging services is still broadly lacking even with the highly 'successful' ones like whatsapp/groupme etc.

But it's really really bad when you take just one step away from them and look at apps where messaging is 'just a feature'. (eg we at @blossom_io could do way better here as well).

the very few companies that 'get it':

* slack — team communication/chat
* intercom — b2b CRM SaaS platform
* brandid — personal shopping assistant w/ chat as main UI
* layer — messaging infrastructure/sdk
Ali AhmedFounder, Dispatch
@davemorin great strategy. But what is your thought on the argument that having multiple apps means lack of focus where you don't give any one enough time to grow?
Dave MorinCo-Founder & CEO, Path
@__tosh technology is still so hard for all of us to interface with. We still have a long way to go in making it a meaningful part of the human experience in a way that delivers happiness to the user.
@davemorin @__tosh Interesting discussion Dave and Thomas, and also appreciate the mention of BRANDiD

"We think the intersection of messaging and commerce is a huge opportunity"

-- this is spot on - it's the next wave of customer service focused commerce - Zappos was the first wave
Dave MorinCo-Founder & CEO, Path
@arush we agree. Let's partner!
@davemorin lol, would love to, was just talking with our engineering team about how a common messaging protocol (Layer) across all apps could benefit the whole ecosystem, e.g. request a restaurant reservation with Path Talk, reply via Slack, tag your buddies. Many other services could fit in here (including BRANDiD) and would be giant leaps towards fixing the human x tech interface issue we all experience
Leighton CusackCo-founder, Kindrid
@davemorin Excited to track your progress at the intersection of payments & messages. My product was posted today (Kindrid) and that's the space we've been working in. Tons of potential.
Dave MorinCo-Founder & CEO, Path
@lay2000lbs I will check it out now. We believe this is a powerful new intersection as well.
Martin BavioFull Stack Designer
I think this convo is one of the best I've seen in PH. Getting some popcorn right now, continue please.
Emiel JansonDesigner,
Wauw @davemorin, I freakin love the ambient status!!
Leighton CusackCo-founder, Kindrid
@davemorin Thanks for taking a minute to check it out. We're obviously focused on a unique market but we've been very successful building our value proposition on the simplicity of payments via messages.
Derek ShanahanAccounts & Biz Dev at Playerize
Place Messaging is super exciting. Esp in bringing online consumers into brick stores, the potential for a quick solution for the product locator problem is really compelling.

Product Hunt alpha test for Place Messaging? ;) #dyingtotry
Dave MorinCo-Founder & CEO, Path
@emieljanson thanks. We put a lot of very detailed work into it. We think it is a totally new way to look at Status.
Dave MorinCo-Founder & CEO, Path
@lay2000lbs I love the church use case. Perfect. I will tell my church about it.
Dave MorinCo-Founder & CEO, Path
@dshan if you are already a TalkTo user you can keep using it until we have it integrated into Path. If anyone wants to download it today from Product Hunt we will keep it open for you.
Spencer SchoebenStudent at Tufts University
Consumer to consumer chat is a crowded space. Though this is definitely a well done and polished app. What's new and notable is the ability to chat with businesses. I think that's brilliant. Super excited to give that feature a try!
Murat MutluCo-Founder, Marvelapp
i love the onboarding, UI and sounds! Delights all through the app
Leighton CusackCo-founder, Kindrid
@davemorin Awesome! Thank you! We actually don't work with many SF churches right now. if there is anything I can help out with.
Ali AhmedFounder, Dispatch
I'd actually be really interested to know what the rest of the community here thinks on this point: that having multiple apps means lack of focus where you don't give any one enough time to grow? Or good way to experiment and see what clicks?

Cc @rrhoover
Dave MorinCo-Founder & CEO, Path
@syedaliahmed we have found it to be extraordinarily clarifying as a team. By focusing intensely on each individual use case it enables you to think differently and think clearly about each case. This leads to more clarity internally, and more clarity when communicating the products externally. In our case, we also saw that Messaging was our #1 fastest growing use case - so users wanted to use that part of the product all of the time. But, it was buried as a secondary feature in a drawer. This led to user frustrating, despite continued high usage.

Our thought was to get out of the way of the user. If the user wants to use Messaging, and wants 3 less taps to get there, we should give it to them.

Too many times I think we collectively focus on simplicity as the removal of buttons or features rather than focusing on how to simplify life for the user. By reducing clicks and reducing friction we found that we have made the life of a Path user easier, and as a result our life designing and engineering the product has become more simple as well.
Ali AhmedFounder, Dispatch
@davemorin thanks for sharing, really insightful.
Dave MorinCo-Founder & CEO, Path
@syedaliahmed anytime.
Tomaž ŠtolfaCurious observer. Co-founder @ Layer
@davemorin + Path team congrats on the update and new apps. Really cool direction and tons of tiny delightful elements.

@__tosh thanks for mentioning Layer. Flattering!
@davemorin dude. I LOVE you the battery status feature. Favorite part of the ambient status thing, no question! This could be really, really cool!
Nick RubinCreator, Greenhouse
@davemorin I love this - amazing job!
Thomas K. RunningNomad, Teleport
@davemorin Super excited about this! And I love how you don't leave the status and navbar black on Android, unlike 99.999% of apps. It looks gorgeous on Nexus 5.
Enric EnrichiOS & Mac Developer at Doist
Amazing job @davemorin! I really like the app. But I have a little "problem". I'm from Spain, and here there aren't many people who use Path. Maybe with Talk there will be more users from Spain! (:
Roland LigtenbergCo-founder, HouseCall
@syedaliahmed @davemorin I think the unbundling of apps is the new wave of the future as specific features warrant spinning off into their own "apps". Another good point to this is as user fatigue sets in, only one "arm" will get deleted/no attention, rather than the mother/main app. Well done and good move - excited to see where this goes.
Martin BavioFull Stack Designer
Would love to know what @davemorin thinks about this article:
Dave MorinCo-Founder & CEO, Path
@mbavio criticism is an important part of the creative process. In this case, this only offers one side of the spectrum of opinion on this debate. If you talk to product people in Asia they will argue that serving as many use cases as possible in a messaging app leads to the most engagement per day. They then try hard to simplify the workflows so that the user has access to many powerful use cases. Then, pursue continuous improvement of a complex system.

The prevailing opinion in America is that serving a single use case is the right direction. For the most part, the American opinion is also that "innovation" equals new content formats.

My thoughts on innovation in social in general are here if you are interested:
Martin BavioFull Stack Designer
@davemorin And that was exactly why I wanted to hear the other side. Superb comeback, backed by one of the best Medium articles I've read. You have explained a simple yet hard to get concept in the simplest way possible. Thank you for this.

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