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Ryan Hoover
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Ryan Hoover — Product Hunt
I've been a long time user of TalkTo. Path just announced its acquisition and release of Talk.

Yo, @davemorin! Congrats. :)
Alexander Taub — Co-founder, SocialRank
was about to post it- damn you @rrhoover
Dave Morin — Founder & Partner, Slow Ventures
Thanks @mulligan really appreciate it. Our thought was that the places in your life are deeply intertwined with your personal relationships. After work, you head out to dinner with family and friends, being able to get a reservation quickly in real time just like sending a text seemed like it would save people time and give that time to hanging out in person.
Thomas Schranz ⛄️ — Co-founder & CEO, Blossom
This is absolutely amazing. TalkTo integration will be super interesting going forward. The quick reply use-cases are brilliant. Well polished.

This is how you communicate a product update.
Dave Morin — Founder & Partner, Slow Ventures
@adamevers we agree. We think the intersection of messaging and commerce is a huge opportunity, and mostly dark to the Internet right now. We do plan on providing a variety of interesting APIs here as well.
Thomas Schranz ⛄️ — Co-founder & CEO, Blossom
Speaking of super powers this goes way beyond a remote control of the world. To form meaningful connections we as humans want to talk to everything that we have a mental concept of.

Dave Morin — Founder & Partner, Slow Ventures
@mbavio criticism is an important part of the creative process. In this case, this only offers one side of the spectrum of opinion on this debate. If you talk to product people in Asia they will argue that serving as many use cases as possible in a messaging app leads to the most engagement per day. They then try hard to simplify the workflows so that the user has access to many powerful use cases. Then, pursue continuous improvement of a complex system.

The prevailing opinion in America is that serving a single use case is the right direction. For the most part, the American opinion is also that "innovation" equals new content formats.

My thoughts on innovation in social in general are here if you are interested:
Adam Evers — Builder - Internshipsinsf & Coindera
The idea of being able to talk with businesses is interesting. Love that it was included on the landing page as coming soon. What a great way to monetize the application. Hopefully from a management perspective they'll be APIs tools/platforms can plug into.
Kristofer™ — Founder @ Lamplighter Labs
App looks great!

Being a "Handmade sticker artist" sounds like one sweet gig :)
Dave Morin — Founder & Partner, Slow Ventures
@delk thanks. We really appreciate it. It is truly magical, we can't wait to bring it to people at a larger scale.
Adam Evers — Builder - Internshipsinsf & Coindera
^ +1 to that.
Dan Hopwood — Founder, Drivn
Struggling to get on – suspect servers are getting hammered..?
JP Patil — Product @ Grand Rounds
Cant get through.
Akshay Patel — Product Manager
@davemorin can we assume TalkTo will get folded into Path Talk? I stepped away from Path but this would be an offering to bring me and probably many others back. Hope this move works out.
Kevin Xu — CEO & Founder, imHome
I wonder how much the ambient status feature affects my battery, I turned on all the possible statuses
Dave Morin — Founder & Partner, Slow Ventures
@imkevinxu it should not affect your battery. The Ambient Algorithm is optimized for efficient battery consumption. On the iPhone 5S the M7 chip enables us to be even more efficient.
Ali Ahmed — Founder, Dispatch
@davemorin love the idea of ambient statuses, I'd in fact say that as a standalone app would possible be much better. Path is incredibly successful as I've always been envious if your amazing growth, but I've always had this feeling that it was really cluttered. A standalone messaging app seems to be a move in the right direction onwards deconstructing the app (similar to what Facebook is doing) but this again just seems to be trying to do too much. Either way wish you all the best with this launch and looking forward to seeing how texting businesses will work out, cheers!
Scott Meinzer — Co-founder, Vee
Awesome update, nice to see the messenger get some more focus. I’ve always loved how conversations felt on Path and how easy it was to share different types of content. Seemed like Path nailed a lot of that before anyone else was even thinking about sharing anything other than text. Will be interesting to see how talking to places (which is rather impersonal) lives along side chatting with close friends.

Also, I’m adding this update as evidence to my “Tab bars always win” folder. Its been interesting seeing almost every big social app go through some form of hamburger/side nav to land back at a tab bar. Something to be said about the clarity of always knowing exactly where in the app you are and easily being able to hop to anywhere else.
Dave Morin — Founder & Partner, Slow Ventures
@syedaliahmed one of the design principles we are following here is to follow our users. If Ambient Status becomes popular on its own, then we will look at focusing more on it and even breaking it out into its own app. Generally, based on what becomes the most popular and users desire to access the most, we will do more of this.

Our goal is to learn as much as we can from each app we do, the successes of each app, but most importantly the failures. So that for the next app all of our learnings are best applied.
Dave Morin — Founder & Partner, Slow Ventures
@scottmeinzer we agree, today Places have no place in Messaging. The interactions you have with Places are deeply impersonal, often requiring you to have akward conversations on the phone with a stranger, and then wait on hold wasting valuable time with family and friends.

We hope that we can create a more personal relationship for you with the Places in your life by enabling you to text them to get reservations, make appointments, check for product availability...all so you can not just have more time back to live life with family and friends, but to also have superpowers to coordinate the important Places in your life that you gather together.
Ali Ahmed — Founder, Dispatch
@davemorin great strategy. But what is your thought on the argument that having multiple apps means lack of focus where you don't give any one enough time to grow?
Arush — Co-founder,
@davemorin @__tosh Interesting discussion Dave and Thomas, and also appreciate the mention of BRANDiD

"We think the intersection of messaging and commerce is a huge opportunity"

-- this is spot on - it's the next wave of customer service focused commerce - Zappos was the first wave
Dave Morin — Founder & Partner, Slow Ventures
@lay2000lbs I love the church use case. Perfect. I will tell my church about it.
Murat Mutlu — Co-Founder, Marvelapp
i love the onboarding, UI and sounds! Delights all through the app
Nick Rubin — Creator, Greenhouse
@davemorin I love this - amazing job!
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