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A smart iOS keyboard for sharing contacts, GIFs, videos, & …



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Ryan Hoover — Product Hunt
Simple type "/contacts" to share contacts from your phone, "/gifs" to send a (you guessed it) GIF, and more. Really cool concept, especially when switching apps to find and share these things on the iPhone is inefficient.

Side note: Custom keyboards, introduced in iOS 8, are like mini apps that can be used inside of other apps. This opens up several possibilities but Apple's execution is a bit disappointing. It's cumbersome to switch keyboards, especially if you have 3 or more installed.
Cem Kozinoglu — CEO/Founder @SlashKeyboard
@rrhoover Ryan thank you for posting @slashkeyboard, you rock! Looking forward to hear your feedback :)
Ouriel Ohayon — appsfire, CEO/ isai (VC) co-founder
@rrhoover yup. Apple 3rd party keyboard integration is broken. it is really frustrating. this one reminds me of @thingthing
Michael ★ Galpert — loves you
@rrhoover been testing for awhile and its pretty rad; as u mentioned apple still hasnt figured out how to make the experience smooth and therefore i find myself using it less.
Chris Messina ✁_____ — Developer Experience Lead at @Uber
Slash commands should be standardized. From Slack to Mixmax, the command line is showing up in more and more text-entry apps... To train users to be more powerful, the commands should work similarly between apps. IMHO.
Cem Kozinoglu — CEO/Founder @SlashKeyboard
@chrismessina thats a really good point Chris. We will definitely look into that asap. Thank you, great recommendation.
nick barr — exploring!
@chrismessina Would love to explore this idea further. To some extent we've seen that with the command line, eg., I have a pretty good expectation of what /me will do no matter what client I'm using. Gets a bit trickier when we think about the new wave of / commands, which in our case often involves company APIs on the other end. But agree: the more "/" becomes a consistent unit of meaning across products, the better. We've seen it with #, @. / is next
Kimberly Wolfson — KHW Marketing | CRM | Database Marketing
@chrismessina Never heard of MixMax. I already use Slack. Is it similar? I'll check it out.
Chris Messina ✁_____ — Developer Experience Lead at @Uber
@khw77 nope, totally different. Mixmax is a plugin for Inbox/Gmail.
Kimberly Wolfson — KHW Marketing | CRM | Database Marketing
@chrismessina Cool. I'll check it out.
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