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Dollar Shave Club for cologne

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Anthony Marnell — Business Development, Trello
I don't wear cologne and I'm sure part of the reason why is the hassle in trying to find one that you (and others) actually enjoy while probably paying a ridiculous amount to buy a big bottle. This is interesting to me in that it's low risk and low stress, will give it a try!

Not sure about the tagline 'Dollar Shave Club for Cologne', feels like it cheapens this a bit.
@anthonymarnell Thank you for the comment, Anthony! You are right, Dollar Shave club doesn't have the luxury aura to it, but gets a point across fast :) I am so happy you find this useful. A lot of people find scents hard to shop for, because everything smells the same after you sniff three of them in a row. Don't forget to enter the discount code at checkout if you indeed decide to give us a try! Would hate for fellow ProductHunters to pay the full price.
Krzysztof Szymański — CRM, Project-A Ventures
Why dont we have anything like this in Europe? :( cool idea! good luck
Jacqueline von Tesmar — Product Hunt 🐎
You really have to wear a cologne/perfume to see how it mixes with your body chemistry. This service would be a great way to test many scents before choosing the best for you.
@jacqvon Thank you for the kind words, I couldn't have said this better myself.
Nate Legler — Farmer, Founder, Cattle Producer
@mariyanuri @jacqvon agree different strokes for different folks good way to test the waters
Irving Torres — Freelance Designer
I just bought my subscription. Let's face it, I always smell good but I want to smell even better :) Team, great job. The on-boarding experience was easy, simple, and made me feel good.
@irvingtorresyc Welcome to the club! We are so happy to have you :) And thank you for the kind words - means a lot.
Irving Torres — Freelance Designer
@mariyanuri Thank you so much. I'm very excited. Congrats on your launch and on the success that I think is inevitable at this point. I'm looking forward to big things from you and the team.
Mani Karthik — Just a curious guy.
Not very clear about what size/volume of cologne comes with the subscription (What does "generous", 120 "sprays" mean?). It's selling me more about why I should use cologne and less of why Scentbird is a better deal. Hesitant to try. Might revisit.
@manikarthik Hi Mani, great question! The size is 8ml / 0.27 fl oz. Most colognes don't come in a small, travel-size form, but if they do, they range from $24 to $37 for the same amount of scent.
Mani Karthik — Just a curious guy.
@mariyanuri @manikarthik Thanks Mariya, that clarifies it.
Frank Denbow — Founder,
I'm all about this. I go to sephora all the time (dont judge) to get cologne samples. Only difference is thats free but I think the portable case and convenience may be enough to push me over to being a customer. Can you specify the type that you'd want? Would rather have a daily subtle scent than something stronger for nighttime.
@frankdenbow Hi Frank! Great question. You can totally specify what you want to receive. In fact, you will be asked to add colognes to your "queue". We'll help you select, but we'll never send you anything you haven't specifically asked for. You are in control of your subscription :)
Robyn Exton — Founder. HER
Love love love. Just ordered (finally!) for the women's product
Andrew Brackin — Marketing at Jobr (Acquired by Monster)
Cool idea, I think it's nice to have a signature scent though. It's part of your identity (your haircut, your style).
@brackin Hi Andrew, we are all for finding signature scents! But of course, it is only a portion of most people's fragrance game, there are always a few scents that people rotate in and out of (esp. women, kind of like shoes).
Do you carry niche brands or only the designers listed on your site?
Sergey — COO, Scentbird
@alexufgator We carry just designer perfumes/colognes for men right now, but we are going to introduce more niche fragrances in the future. We will announce them in our newsletters. What niche fragrances would you like to see on our site?
@ligeo @alexufgator Cool. Creed, Amouage, and Xerjoff would be a nice start.
Hadi Farnoud — CEO of Camva
Awesome idea. A question though, how much more I'm paying compared to buying the same amount of perfume? I know your service value is different, I'm curious how the business model works.
Johnny Quach — Director of Product @ Rocket Internet
How is this different from the popular kickstarter ? Just to be transparent I know one person involved in it. Not a co-founder.
@johnnyquachy We curate all the tops perfumes on the market, while commodity manufactures their own product.
Jeff Young — Start Up Enthusiast
Great execution on a great idea! Congratulations to the team!

I would love to see more insider tipps as I know the majority of designer perfumes. Are you planning to add more niche fragrances?

I assume that you need an individual bottling license for each brand, which might take a while?

All the best!
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