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Emiel JansonDesigner,
This is really awesome! I've been working with Joost for quite some time now. We developed our first app together when Joost was 13 or 14. Joost also developed my latest app

I can say that Joost is a really good design driven developer (I sent his code to other developers a few times). Joost might be the best developer I know, well the best of all developers that wants to become an accountant.

I really like Joost finally worked on his own project and put together such great quality software. Download Notifyr and remember: Joost is 17. So cool!

I hope this makes him filthy rich and he changes his mind about becoming an accountant.
Emiel JansonDesigner,
By the way, if anyone could help hem get introduced to any press: please do! Let's help a brother out.
Ryan HooverProduct Hunt
I can now get my Clash of Clans notifications on my Mac! :)

But seriously, this could be super useful. I imagine there are several productivity hacks you could create using this, IFTTT/Zapier, and PushBullet.

@JWVD - I'm curious how it's done technically on iOS.
Joost van Dijk
@rrhoover - Apple has a Bluetooth profile available for devices to subscribe to incoming notifications, which is what Pebble uses for example. There's really not a lot of code required on the iOS side.
Reuben PressmanEntrepreneur
This is seriously the best news I've had all year.
Nikita KorotaevIncubating products @ Glocal Partners
Awesome! Just got my first notification. It was from Mailbox. First thought, I don't need email notifications. Clicked on notification, took me to the window that allows me to disable notification from certain apps. Boom.
Gabriel SongGrowth, RelateIQ
Cool! I'm trying this. @rrhoover, there was another app that was posted here, with a very slick video of a guy and his iMac, where he would tap his iPhone on the table. Trying to remember..
Emiel JansonDesigner,
@gabsong thats knock to unlock.
Gabriel SongGrowth, RelateIQ
@emieljanson Thanks! Yes that was it. By the way really hope Joost becomes a developer :)
Andrew ZusmanUX Designer
You guys are too quick on the draw these days :-)
I came to post this link only to see it's #1 with the founder comments...

Good hunting :-)!
Julie Chabindesigner |
I love this idea. Awesome!

With a friend we wanted to make something similar with natural language (and a little bit of Batman's universe)
"Mr Wayne, you've got a message from Anna on WhatApp: Hi Bruce!"

Kind of Bruce Wayne's computer.
Mark MyersDesign - G2 Crowd
This is genius. Unfortunately for my ADD, and the fact that I just installed Yo, I'm going to have to change my notification settings on my iphone.
Ryan HooverProduct Hunt
Haha! For those unfamiliar, here's Yo.
Narek KhachatryanProduct Designer
This is awesome. To Ryan's point, I think its growth would be interesting if you had a community blog of how people use this to hack their productivity.
Ryan HooverProduct Hunt
@JWVD - to @narekk's point, you should chat with the Zapier guys, @wadefoster & @mikeknoop.
Solene MaîtrePM @applydia
This is brilliant! I'm very glad to learn that Apple allows this. Thanks for sharing this @emieljanson and @JWVD!
Amit superamit GuptaFounder, Photojojo
@JWVD I had trouble getting the pairing to work. After several attempts, I removed the emoji in my phone's name, and it worked. (・_・ヾ
Rich HendersonOne Man Band, 42Burnside
liking the Mac Pro 'trashcan' icon at the bottom of the page :D
Mike BraccoProduct at JibJab
+1 for the @42Burnside Mac Pro trash can comment :)...That's the first thing I noticed as I scrolled down the page and made me lol.
Oliver WatersCo-founder, d3i / Momento
@JWVD Nice work! Great app.
Ryan HooverProduct Hunt
"Our servers got a little too much heat.

We're working hard to resolve this as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can download the Notifyr OS X client here."

Congrats, @JWVD :)
Joost van Dijk
It kept me up all night. :( @rrhoover
Yvo SchaapFounder / Developer
@rrhoover this hunt is currently ranked #2 on the all-time leaderbord... only 10 votes to go to become #1:

gefeliciteerd @jwvd
Ryan HooverProduct Hunt
@JWVD I know that feeling. :) Glad to see you're back up.
Emiel JansonDesigner,
What happens if you submit a product to Product Hunt?
Ryan HooverProduct Hunt
EDIT: looks like Emiel beat me to the punch. ^

Nice write by @romaindillet from TechCrunch about Notifyr just now:
Joe AndersoniOS @Realm
Also curious about how the code works on mac OSX side, cool to see phone being aware that its near the computer
Joost van Dijk
Wow, thank you for all the votes! Fun fact: Producthunt actually did quite some more traffic than TechCrunch, something I never expected. So thank you guys!
Alex NguyenAlex Nguyen
LOVE this idea. Exactly what I was looking for.
Ryan HooverProduct Hunt
Notifyr continues to spread across the internetz. Now only Lifehacker: Five Apps to Make Your iPhone and Mac Work Together Even Better
Aaron GibralterAJG
Any implications from Apple keynote today for this app?
Emiel JansonDesigner,
@agibralter besides the phone (incoming) call notification and the text messages notification there is still a need for Notifyr. I personally think that most of the people bought the app for the third party notifications like Whatsapp etc.
Nathan SuddsFounder, ActiveLabs
Just a note, maybe I missed others talking about this but for Android users the Desktop Notifications app that's been out for a while provides a similar functionality to Notifyr --- not using Bluetooth but via internet through browser addons for Chrome and Firefox.
Emiel JansonDesigner,
Joost just made Notifyr free every other day for 7 days starting today. Go and download this nice piece of software →

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