Netflix God Mode

View all Netflix movies at once with this handy bookmarklet

Paul Shapiro
Renan Cakirerk


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Ryan HooverΒ β€” Product Hunt
I have always despised Netflix's horizontal scrolling when browsing for movies (and apparently I'm not the only one):

It's so slow and the mobile-centric interaction seems forced on the desktop.

P.S. I created a collection of Netflix products.
Ian MikutelΒ β€” PM, Microsoft OneNote
@rrhoover Wasn't it Apple that popularized it with Cover Flow? Agree it's so annoying on Netflix!
Sterling TothΒ β€” Co-creator of EpicMealTime, CEO
@rrhoover Chef is a great film and it's in your top picks. Make sure you watch it.
Sterling TothΒ β€” Co-creator of EpicMealTime, CEO
I'm down with any product that is called God Mode.
Nick SchwabΒ β€” Lead Back-end Engineer, Wisely Inc.
This would be perfect as a Chrome extension to auto-execute whenever Netflix is opened ;)
David FordΒ β€” Karma
dying to use this. i'm having trouble dragging the green Netflix button to my bookmarks bar, seems broken (or i'm broken). any idea?
Simon BrombergΒ β€” iOS Engineer,
Based on the description I thought it would play all the movies simultaneously in one window. But this is cool too.
Arin TokerΒ β€” Hacker | Maker | Breaker | Fixer
This is the greatest thing! The best UX is no UI in many cases. Also great choice on the name, feels empowering haha.
Emily DimytoshΒ β€” Chief Instigator, Loose Change
This is awesome. It makes trying to work with multiple people to pick a movie infinitely easier. Thank you for creating it and finding it!
Eric AndersonΒ β€” UX Engineer at Keen IO
Fantastic! Solves a problem I most definitely have. Thanks so much!
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