Instant scheduling, tracking, templates, polls in Gmail



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Hunter Walk — Partner, Homebrew
Smart and creative team. excited to see them launch!
Olof Mathé — Co-founder & CEO, Mixmax.com
thanks @hunterwalk means the world to us:)
Olof Mathé — Co-founder & CEO, Mixmax.com
Hi I’m Olof from Mixmax! Mixmax lets you send more effective emails from Gmail so you can get back to work. Here are five features I use every day: instant scheduling, email tracking, templates, polls & in-email apps. We just opened up / removed the waitlist and are keen to have your feedback!
Chris Messina ✁_____ — Developer Experience Lead at @Uber
@olofster neat idea! Plans to support Inbox?

You may also want to reformat your price table for mobile.
Olof Mathé — Co-founder & CEO, Mixmax.com
@chrismessina Indeed coming soon. We're starting with Gmail (Google Apps) for work since Mixmax is most powerful professionally (although several customers use us privately too).

(Thanks a ton for the catch on the pricing page, we pushed that table yesterday evening!:) UPDATE: pricing page fixed.
Derek Shanahan — Pub Strategy @ SuperRewards
@olofster Oh man, Mixmax destroys the dropdown list of contacts in my gmail - like, doesn't know who my girlfriend is. Is this going to change? I can't write full emails for every email...
Olof Mathé — Co-founder & CEO, Mixmax.com
@dshan that's no good, sounds like a bug, sorry about that. do you mind sending a screenshot to olof@mixmax.com so we can fix it asap. Thanks!
Todd Goldberg — Maker of things. Previously @Eventjoy
I'm a huge fan of Mixmax. I've been using the product for a few months and can speak to its usefulness. Email isn't going anywhere anytime soon, but at least it can be a little smarter thanks to Mixmax.
Hiten Shah — Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics & Quick Sprout
I used Mixmax really early and am impressed by the progress the team has made in a short period of time. This is a product which I expect many people will consider a must-have by the end of this year.
Olof Mathé — Co-founder & CEO, Mixmax.com
Excited for your continued feedback @hnshah !
Steven Hambleton — Founder, Emailancer
@hnshah Too late, it's a must have now and I'm telling everyone (that uses Gmail) about it!
Ned Rockson — Founder @ Banter
Really exciting team. I have worked with the founders before and their ability to crush product development is fantastic. Very excited to watch this grow!
Katherine Krug — Founder, BetterBack
MixMax has become indispensable for my inbox. It has beautiful UI and a ton of super useful functionality.

Scheduling meetings takes 30 seconds instead of 10 back and forth emails.

It allows you to save email templates, making prospecting much faster.

You can see when messages are read in real time.

You can create/embed surveys and polls in your email as easily as changing the font.

All of this and it's way more beautiful than gmail.

Thanks for the awesome product, guys!
Olof Mathé — Co-founder & CEO, Mixmax.com
Thanks @katherinekrug for kicking the tires! Can't wait to show you what we have in store!
Blaine Hatab — Co-founder, Open Minded Innovations
I personally use streak to do most of the things this does, but I really like this space expanding. I want more companies trying to give my gmail steroids.
Olof Mathé — Co-founder & CEO, Mixmax.com
@blainehatab Couldn't agree more on the space! Mixmax is ultimately a different category of product than Streak (which is great btw). We’re a platform you can use to make any app work inside of email: polls, slideshows, articles, code snippets (spoiler alert) and more:)
Blaine Hatab — Co-founder, Open Minded Innovations
@olofster Interesting, can't wait to see you guys progress. The code snippets one could definitely be interesting.
Henrik Lenberg — Founder of Auxy
I think this is a smart angle for taking email to the next level and can't wait until I get Mixmax for my email client--or even better, if Mixmax makes their own client eventually.
Olof Mathé — Co-founder & CEO, Mixmax.com
@lenberg sounds like you're anticipating our roadmap:)
Congrats on the launch, @olofster! Just signed up :-)
Olof Mathé — Co-founder & CEO, Mixmax.com
@bwertz can't wait to reconnect
Hal Gottfried — Founder, Level Up Labs
When I first saw this product I thought "oh great another scheduling tool", there are already a ton out there and several that do the scheduling for you. But then ... then I tried it and let me tell you; it is NOT just the run of the mill scheduling tool. First off the "enhancements" to the email are awesome, you can add polls, marketing materials and a ton of other embedded items. The next big thing was the scheduling portion, I've used several of the AI applications and Meet by Sunrise ... yes they are good; but this just seems to nail it. It's a nice presentation to your customer with your availability and then actually doesn't just put it on your calendar it actually creates the invites, monitors it etc. and this can be done for a group too.

The icing on the cake is the email tracking, my CRM does this but it's not as clean. Speaking of CRM you can even use MixMax to automatically bcc your annoying CRM address for when you contact client.

So to recap, win / win / win. Have you installed it yet?
Ouriel Ohayon — appsfire, CEO/ isai (VC) co-founder
A lot of those features are already available in different services (followup.cc, boomerang, bananatag,...) not sure what makes this unique?
Olof Mathé — Co-founder & CEO, Mixmax.com
Hi @ourielohayon -

We’re unique in that we’re an integrated platform for extending Gmail, especially for in-email apps that increase productivity.
E.g., the calendaring or Q&A survey in the public product, or the custom in-email order forms we make for premium customers. Anyone can actually make in-email apps with Mixmax. (After all, email should be as powerful as webpages)

It’s also powerful to combine these features into one product e.g., knowing with analytics which of your meeting invites have been accepted.

Excited to have your feedback! Feel free to ping me offline too on olof@mixmax.com. Perhaps we could even build something custom for appsfire:)
Anna — Contributor @ TNW, CEO @ MonoLibre
The survey side looks very interesting but I don't really understand the pricing: how many polls can one send per month with each plan?
Olof Mathé — Co-founder & CEO, Mixmax.com
@abracarioca you can send unlimited polls even with the free plan currently. Happy to tell you more about the paid plans too on olof@mixmax.com if you're interested.
Mihai Seceleanu — founder, InternetCorp
@olofster Mixmax seems pretty amazing, looking forward to see how you'll implement the mail merge feature :)
Mini John™ — Developer @ AnyRoad
This is the best gmail plugin I have used so far !!
Sammie — Marketing Lead, Streamline Dental
Awesome app basically allowed me to uninstall a bunch of other Gmail extensions and cut my subscription bill; includes tracking, scheduling, surveying, polling, templating, canned responses, group lists, Salesforce integration, and the level of support is unparalleled.
Lauren L Perfors — President of Lawton Digital Marketing
The exact suite of features to enhance Gmail that I am looking for! However, I quickly noticed that it appears that emails in draft or scheduled could not be modified on the go via mobile or tablet.

With the Gmail for iOS and mobile designer as a co-founder, I bet mobile compatibility is on the way. Great tool, team!
John Stokman — Marketing Strategist at ilos Videos
This looks amazing. Downloading it right now!
Laura K. Inamedinova — Forbes & ArciticStartup
I highly recommend Mixmax - found it a few months ago and still using it daily, especially in email tracking and mail merge. Good job guys!
Tomas Ruta — Growth @ Founders Factory
Great product; congrats, @olofster. Any chance to make it play nice with previously featured http://www.producthunt.com/posts... ?
Olof Mathé — Co-founder & CEO, Mixmax.com
@tomasruta Mixmax should cover your email tracking needs but please shoot me a note at olof@mixmax.com in case we don't so we can be better!
Nick Zieber — Consultant - Xpand, Hong Kong
I like the reschedule function. I was wondering if it's possible to eliminate time slots as the week fills up, or comparatively add time slots as someone else cancels?
Olof Mathé — Co-founder & CEO, Mixmax.com
@nzieber Yup! If you select 'prevent double booking' in the calendar app we'll take care of any conflicts for you:)
Nick Zieber — Consultant - Xpand, Hong Kong
@olofster great!!!! Thank you
Uri Levanon — CEO at Haste Media
love the product - great set of tools aimed at improving your emails visibility, conversion and precision.
Hien Lam — Co Founder, Chillpill
How did I ever live without Mixmax? It's so awesome to be able to draft emails and schedule them to be sent out at some time in the future. Has saved me a lot of grief and work to add todos to my phone or something to schedule emails.
Lincoln Mondy — Student
I've been using Mixmax for about two months. It has made my email activity so much more efficient! Really useful to create polls/calendar invites/ etc. all directly in the email template without having to visit third party websites. The tracking has made conversations flow much better. Best gmail plug in I've used thus far.
Just ran into Mixmax. Excited to give it a go. Currently we use Streak but this might be a changer.
Avi Lambert — CEO, Photonic Public Relations Inc.
Frankly, best-in-class. Anticipating Android and iOS apps in the near-term.
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