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Ryan Hoover — Product Hunt
I turned San Francisco into a shirt:

Jad Limcaco — Product Designer
@rrhoover This one is pretty cool Ryan!
Jonathan Howard — Cofounder, Emissary
@rrhoover Can you add a tiny orange ProductHunt "P" logo at HQ? :)
Daniel Li — Full-stack Web Developer in Hong Kong
Just bought two!

Mārtiņš Līsmanis — Co-founder at MapOnShirt
Hi Product Hunt community! I'm one of the founders of MapOnShirt and would like to invite you to be early discoverer. is a tool for creating beautiful map designs from your own place and in your own loved colors. The full customization is possible - to add text, images or markers, to change a level of map details. Currently MapOnShirt offers to purchase your designs on all-over printed T-shirts, pillows or head-wear.

For all hunters we offer 25% off for your first one-off T-shirt which will be specially made for you with your design. or here is the code "HUNT25"

After your first experience please comment and we will answer all your questions.
Kim Schulz — Staff Engineer, Software
@lismanis Brilliant! love it and cool you have free shipping!
Louis Galipeau — Product Manager / DJ
@lismanis Was wondering if there are any discounts on orders?

Also just trying to get to your about page at the moment and getting a 504 Gateway Time-out error.
Mārtiņš Linde — MapOnShirt
@muloka Yes, Louis, use a promotion code HUNT25 to get 25% Off.

Sorry about 504, I had to restart the server..
Jonathan Howard — Cofounder, Emissary
@lismanis Such a good idea. I would love this for cycling jerseys. Any idea if it's possible to print on bike jerseys? (or even some sort of UnderArmour type material for a regular workout shirt?)
Varun Goel — Cofounder & Head of Product, Tripnary
@lismanis This is super cool! How did you come up with a price point of $44? That seems quite steep for a t shirt..
Mārtiņš Linde — MapOnShirt
@staringispolite I guess it won't be a problem to print a bike jersey, @lismanis has done it for some teams:
send as an email to for details
Mārtiņš Linde — MapOnShirt
@goelv sorry, about the price, $44 -25% - taxes is the price we do not earn much, this is because of producing technology - we make a printout separately on both sides and sleeves, put it on a fabric with sublimation, cut in four peaces and sew, so there is no room for smudges or white streaks
Jonathan Howard — Cofounder, Emissary
Hmmmm I like the idea of making throw pillows for each neighborhood I've lived in. BRB!
Anuj Adhiya — Co-Founder, PlanitWide
Sucker for products like this :)
Kelly Kuhn-Wallace — Growth Marketing & Sales Consultant
Great idea! And a huge improvement over the usual "Family Reunion" shirts that folks get printed with their last names on them. Ugh. Consider expanded size ranges in women's & a v-neck or scoop neck style, please.
Violeta Nedkova — Marketing Coach Extraordinaire
Oh OH!!! What about fantasy land maps???
Mārtiņš Linde — MapOnShirt
@violetanedkova you can always try to upload high resolution fantasy map as an image (use "photo" button under the shirt) and stretch it to cover the shirt
Mārtiņš Līsmanis — Co-founder at MapOnShirt
@violetanedkova yes it is possible when you upload your map and position it right as you want.
bryant aka — Aspiring Jony Ive
Dang I was hoping you guys had subway maps. I've always wanted a shirt with the NYC subway system on it.
Pascal Briod — Head of Product & Co-Founder, TawiPay
I am a big map fan, and this is really, really, a great idea !
OOoooooh this is super cool! And $44 for a custom shirt is not bad at all!
Mark Lombardi-Nelson — Florida Smiles
This is LEGIT! How long have you all been around?
Franky Aguilar — We out here 👽 Los Angeles
Is there a map of SkidRow?
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