Use #kidpost to email your social media posts to non-techies


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Geoffrey Weg — Betaworks | Ex. TechStars, White House
Would be cool to see an SMS, or even snail mail integration! :)
Ryan Hoover — Product Hunt
So simple. Another example of an "invisible" UI, similar to and Planleaf where the interface between the user and product is cc'ing an email address.
Ellen Chisa — Director of Product, Lola
This is really cool. I've had my students doing a "class exercise" to design a photo sharing app for parents.

I was trying to explain that not everything had to be a dedicated app - it could work on top of other things. Will definitely share with them.
Matt Jacobs — Product Designer/Dev
Thanks @rrhoover and @ellenchisa!

I created Kidpost with @khoi and Mike Dirolf (not on PH yet). If anyone has questions, fire away!
I've got kids and this is great. I love these apps that re-map our existing behavior (e.g. social sharing) into a more efficient, more relevant process (receiving personalised content) without requiring a new account, a new app, a new network.
Ayesha Ahmad — Co-founder, 100Tribes
What a great idea. No more heavy lifting to let my parents see and enjoy the kid pics I post everyday to various platforms. Pretty genius! Love the simplicity.
Khoi Vinh —
Everybody, thanks for the kind words! @capndesign and I are very flattered. For folks who noted the fact that Kidpost is invisible, builds on existing habits and platforms etc.—that's especially gratifying because we worked hard to make it as seamless as possible. We know it's hard for parents especially to remember to post to a new, separate photo sharing network; they're too busy raising kids to manage more tech overhead. Anyway I hope everyone gives it a try!
Ayesha Ahmad — Co-founder, 100Tribes
Or even an integration with Whatsapp. Apparently it is a big driver of shares:
Matt Jacobs — Product Designer/Dev
@GeoffreyWeg It’d be a lot of fun to mail photos to family and friends, but that’s waaaay out of scope for a beta launch. ;)

@ayeshaahmad That’s a great idea. We want to focus on product feedback during the beta period, but we’ll start adding new services soon after. Whatsapp is definitely one we’ll consider.
Spencer Schoeben — College dropout working on something new
This is so great I almost wish it had a better name.
Morgan Brown — Co-founder, Full Stack Marketing
This is fantastic. Exactly what I've been looking for for my Dad. Also, I can tie the hashtag to a Zapier recipe and store all of these to Dropbox, etc.
Daniel Chait — CEO, Greenhouse
So, so great. Thanks @khoi !
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