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Ryan Hoover — Product Hunt
Big fan of the simplicity, @mightyalex. This would make a fantastic toilet companion on mobile. I gave you some quick feedback on Twitter last night but I'll share here as well -- maybe others have some good ideas:

- Make Everything Above the Fold - right now the "more" button and share links are beneath the fold when viewing on my MacBook. There's room to remove some of the white space or make the photos smaller.

- "Hidden" Share Buttons - the tweet and Facebook share links aren't very discoverable. This type of content is perfect for sharing. Consider using standard Twitter and FB buttons that people are familiar with.

- Optimize for Tweets - in almost all the cases, the pre-filled tweet message is cut off to fit within the 140 character limit. Try customizing each tweet so that it fits and makes sense/is interesting to people that see it on Twitter.

- There are Hotkeys? - I bet most people don't know you can tap left and right to scroll through cards. Consider adding a message (maybe only display when they first visit the site).

- Build Email Subscribers - Looks like you're getting some nice traffic from Product Hunt but a large majority of people won't come back to InstaNerd, even if they love it. They need a reminder. Consider giving visitors the ability to subscribe to weekly "nerdy insights" to re-engage them later.

Again, great job. Curious to see what you do with it and if you start crowdsourcing contributions. Hell, you may even want to go Tinder-style by giving people the ability to curate the best ones.
Frank Fumarola — Product at Pinterest, Formerly Facebook
This is pretty cool! I could see myself enjoying this for sprints at a time. The challenge will be remembering to come back.

One thing I would add is that you should pre-fetch the next facts images a slide before so it doesn't make the page jump.
M.G. Siegler — General Partner, GV
Such a great site. Agree about being the perfect toilet companion. Or, waiting in line companion, if we must.
Mighty Alex — UX / UI Designer
Hi guys, this is my latest project on which we worked together with my girlfriend. It's a website presenting random useful things in a few sentences so you don't bother to read, but only get the important information.

If you want to start a conversation, these facts can help you. No time-consuming and can add a lot of value to your knowledge. You can read it from your phone too.

What do you think, can you find it useful?
Kumar Thangudu — Founder at
"The 'Be smart, instantly' slogan is funny and catchy way to describe all of this. "

@mightyalex Objectively, it's also incorrect. As long as it's fun, I guess it's okay to be incorrect though. eek :/
Haley Mittelstaedt — Senior UX Designer, Olson
I am hooked!
I like it! I'll use this in my next cram session before bar trivia.
Mighty Alex — UX / UI Designer
@shalalasusan Haha great, you can even create favorites list like mine here
Vanessa Tan — Product Manager @ Tech in Asia
I really like this! I think it'll be better as a mobile app (looking forward to that) - and yeah, a perfect toilet companion. :P
Özgür Alaz — Trend Expert, Founder of @usefulideasnet
@mightyalex Do you plan a businessmodel for this. Or it is just a side project

Can people contribute to the content?
Mighty Alex — UX / UI Designer
Thanks @ffumarola we are very happy that you enjoyed it. The next image pre-fetch is awesome idea, I will implement it for sure. I've setup a twitter and facebook profiles which can help in remembering to come back.

Having an app is also a good idea but not in my plans for now. I guess it can be just pinned to home

Hi @ozguralaz for now it's just a side project, but hopefully can grow into something bigger. People can't contribute, we are two people that are writing the content ourselves.
Mighty Alex — UX / UI Designer
@datarade That's a really long word :) You mean for the slogan right?
Kumar Thangudu — Founder at


Brain training is false advertising. There's no recognizable evidence that we can make someone smarter through exposure.

I would also take a look at: for inspiration.
(daily news for the thinking man)
Mighty Alex — UX / UI Designer
Hi @scottalln,

At first it was planned to have a source, I recon we still have the source field in the database :) but then we decided that you can google the thing if it catches your attention.
Mighty Alex — UX / UI Designer
It has happened :) It got 10.000 visits in a short period of time and apparently the database was set-up differently. I fixed it the moment I saw it.
Shaan Puri — ceo, Monkey Inferno
I like this, but UberFacts already does this super well
Guy Gal — Growth at Joyus
Looks like you already implemented some of the suggestions that were made on the thread today. *slow clap*
Ryan Hoover — Product Hunt
@parislemon - I now have a theme for an upcoming Product Hunt email: toilet companion products.
Paprika Xu — Product Design, Canva
Omg I'm feeling so smart now :D
Mighty Alex — UX / UI Designer
Thank you guys for all the great comments and suggestions. It's been a turbulent day yesterday and you helped me a lot. The website got a lot of attention (for which I was hoping for), but never imagined it would get so much love :)

I'm continuing to work on improvements, especially on the quality of the content which is the most important after all. Also I would like to implement the e-mail subscription idea which is an important factor on keeping the visitors.

I'm still not sure if it needs an app, especially when you can pin the website to home screen and it's responsive (don't hate me pls :)) But this can change...

The hosting stays the same for now, I will have to test it in the following days on how it will behave with a certain amount of visitors.

Thank you again everyone, especially to Ryan who started all this and helped with the boost of InstaNerd.
Preethi Kasireddy — Partner, Andreessen Horowitz
i love it. the simplicity and ease of use is great.
Ryan Hoover — Product Hunt
@parislemon - clearly we need to add emoji support to Product Hunt. I can't see what you entered but I'll assume it's mr. happy poo.
Anjali Menon — Operations @ TaskRabbit
I LOVE this. If nothing else for the title and byline.
Mighty Alex — UX / UI Designer
I have added a subscribe functionality for weekly e-mails with 5 most interesting facts.

Also while looking for a "Back to homepage" UX solution I've temporary implemented something like this - You need to scroll to top in order to see it. (Works only on desktop)
Alexei Ciobanu — entrepreholic
I would also add the source of the "fact".
Mighty Alex — UX / UI Designer
@alexeiciobanu Yeah we thought of that (check my comments above) but we left it for the sake of simplicity. Before publishing, the fact is verified on multiple sources and all of the facts are hand-picked and written by @kirovskanatasha
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