Great F*cking Startup Advice

Strongly worded suggestions for startup founders



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Lenny Hu — Designer and Product Guy
I thought of Dave McClure for some reason.
Jason Shen — Product Manager, Etsy
I've always been a fan of random generators and I wanted to try making something like So here we are! Post your best advice below and I'll add the good ones into the app. =)
Donnie Wang — Mobile PM
Oldie but goodie: Fail fast, ask for fucking forgiveness later.
Nathan Heber — Founder/CEO, Boatyard
Measure your fucking metrics.
Eric Friedman — GM at Expa
Awesome - this should be a chrome "new tab" extension
Brad Wishen — Founder, TasteToronto
Meet fucking less. Get more fucking done.
Kelly Kuhn-Wallace — Growth Marketing & Sales Consultant
Start fucking marketing already!
Michael Sitver — Head Curator @
Love it. Good advice, administered forcefully.
annebot — CEO, CircleClick
Very generous use of the F word definitely grabs attention! BTW when you give the option to tweet a quote from the homepage I would populate it with the quote itself before the link (and bonus points include your handle). When I went to share I had to fucking copy and paste, FUCKKKKK :) J/k
Nathaniel Blackburn — Hunting products since the early 00's
Great fucking advice.
Kir Kovalski — CEO, Designer at Noizio
heh, funny )
Frederik Trovatten — Marketing & Growth
I want to create a lot of these sites - but I can't code.
Someone should make a template and sell in on Themeforest.
Could be some easy fucking money.
Jason Shen — Product Manager, Etsy
@trovatten what would you put in it?
Taylor Edmiston — Lead Backend Developer, LISNR
@trovatten Wild RANDOM ADVICE SITE GENERATOR appeared!
Derek Shanahan — Pub Strategy @ SuperRewards
@trovatten I'm surprised no one's open sourced one of these. A non-techie version would be cool too.
Derek Shanahan — Pub Strategy @ SuperRewards
@jasonshen @trovatten I'd love to clone this and use it for random off sites - is it living on a Goog Doc I assume? Love it btw.
Frederik Trovatten — Marketing & Growth
@jasonshen I have a client who could use a lot of links and social love. I thought about creating one of these, in my client's niche and include links in the buttom of the page, pointing to his site and maybe redirect if it receives links for SEO.

- First priority would of course to pack it with useful tips like fuckingstartupadvice :)
Jade Clark — PR/Branding Consultant
Figure out your god damn narrative, and make sure it's fucking compelling.
ali mirza — Growth Marketer & Digital Entrepreneur
Stop fucking around with ideas and just fucking DO IT
Karina Banadisyeva — SMM, Poem LLC
very funny advices' presentation! made my day)
Martin Skakala — Founder & CEO
@JasonShen maybe you can also add the share buttons on the web.
Steven W — Nice guys finish lunch.
Kind of reminded me of Shia LaBeouf's intense motivational speech — JUST FUCKING DO IT
emily moulder — Social Media Exec
funny, infinitely clickable.
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