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Belle Beth Cooper — Co-founder, exist.io
I agree, @rrhoover. We've found some funny ones in our data already—for instance, my co-founder has better days when it's cloudy. We've also found useful ones, though, like knowing that I tweet less and listen to less music when I'm in a better mood. We still need to do a lot of work to extrapolate meaning from that (i.e. I'm happier when I'm out and about with friends, rather than at home in front of my computer), but we're getting there.

Sure, so we have been mulling over pricing options for a while, and we're not keen to make it a free product at this stage because we don't have the time to support lots of free users. We have a big enough waiting list and have talked to a lot of people who signed up to hear about it to know that there's interest there, and we're confident that we're providing value already and our next couple of features will really blow people away, so we decided to start with a paid-only product and the Kickstarter-type campaign means that we could both work on it full-time for the next 6 months+, as well as validating the market.
Belle Beth Cooper — Co-founder, exist.io
@rahulvarshneya Thanks for posting Exist, Rahul! I'm one of the co-founders, happy to answer any questions about it :)
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