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Hey everyone! I made this (web) app out of pure frustration that no one has done a good job at it, would love to hear what you think!

Protip for PH: open it in Safari and add it to your homescreen, it'll look like a real app.
jonas — building @blab ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@dawsonwhitfield Thank you so much for making this! I had been discussing making something like this with friends for a while but you did a better job than we ever could've in the time we have to spare. :)
Nicholas Sheriff — Founder, Quest
@dawsonwhitfield :( better mobile support coming??!! This is freakin awesome!!!
@nicholassheriff thanks! What phone are you using? I stress tested it on a LOT of phones.
Kilian Valkhof — UX Developer
Can you add the display of the black card to each' screen? I know part of the fun is in being together and reading it aloud, but I'd love to be able to do this async with a group of friends!
@kilianvalkhof it's a good idea, but it runs the risk of losing the magic of the game, you know? Part of what makes the game so special is that you're sitting around with your friends, I'm going to be really conservative with the changes I make to the gameplay since CAH got it so right.
Ben Halpern — CTO of
I love the simplicity of just sharing a link to add players.
Ryan Hoover — Product Hunt
Very well executed but as stated on the site, this is a shameless ripoff of Cards Against Humanity. Morally, I can't stand behind this. Thoughts, @dawsonwhitfield? Are you considering turning this into lead-gen or creating other ways of providing a kickback to the original creators of the game?
Matthew Rothenberg — Independent artist and hacker
@dawsonwhitfield @rrhoover "Cards Against Humanity is available under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0 license. That means you can use and remix the game for free, but you can’t sell it."

He provides the attribution which is required by that license. Thus, this is not only allowed under Creative Commons, but entirely within the spirit that causes people to choose to license their work under CC to begin with.
Ryan Hoover — Product Hunt
@mroth oh! I stand corrected. Well done then. 👍
Ross@GoLocalApps — GoLocalApps
@dawsonwhitfield @rrhoover Ryan, don't feel bad. Was my first thought too and I probably would have mentioned it had you not already. Thanks for being sharp end of the "how legal is this" stick than I often am.
@rrhoover @mroth @golocalapps I made the game because I love CAH so much. Anything I can do to support them, I will. The last thing I'd want to do is hurt the people that've brought me and my friends so much joy :)

That said, I think the CAH creators have the same values - which are to let EVERYONE play this amazing game, which is why they let you download it for free.
Ross@GoLocalApps — GoLocalApps
@rrhoover @mroth @dawsonwhitfield no problems with it. Somehow I'm often the PHer that points out to someone that they just may be skirting the edge of legality on a new project. (a couple of cannabis startups come to mind).

But we do have a group that plays CaH, so I think this may be the next way we try to play.
Ross Currie — Founder, CrowdLoot
@rrhoover @mroth @dawsonwhitfield @golocalapps I actually looked into the CAH CC licensing quite a bit when I saw "Crabs Adjust Humidity", an unofficial expansion pack for CAH which is now up to like it's 5th volume.

As I've commented below, basically I don't feel that @MaxTemkin and the CAH crew are ever going to do anything about rip-offs. I don't say that to be critical of them, I just don't think it's what they're about. They're more about creating international phenomenas than about being commercial.

Take Slap .45 as an example, which ran on Kickstarter last year. I know at least Max is involved with the project, but I was really surprised that they barely used CAH to promote the game at all during the Kickstarter campaign (they have since released a micro-version with the 12 days of Kwanza), and unless you caught the one bit that said "from the makers of Cards Against Humanity", you'd never have known. If they wanted to go commercial, I think they could've easily made that become a top 5 Kickstarter project - hell, even my mom has heard of Cards Against Humanity.
Sumeet Shah — Senior Associate, Brand Foundry Ventures
Wow. Well done, @dawsonwhitfield!
Danny Espinoza — Founder @getonlow
The only (unfortunately) serious issue with this is the copyright infringement. In fact, I'm editing this comment because I don't want this talented dev to get into trouble...


...and editing again because of Matthew's response above which points out the game is CC.
Ross@GoLocalApps — GoLocalApps
Nicely done. So next time we play w our friends, I may insist we try it this way.
Ali R. Tariq — Product Designer, Manulife RED Lab
This is one of the more polished side-projects I've seen. Nice job, @dawsonwhitfield! I'd be curious to know more about the tech stack you used, if you're willing to share it.
@alirtariq thanks! It's 90% custom JS/jQuery, jquery UI, vanilla css, PHP/MySQL and html5 sockets using Pusher.
jake duncan ☕️ — two-way dual-language bilingual educator
After reading the CC comments, I had to go check Evil Apples for iOS's price. It's free, but I swear I paid for it. I'm curious how different it'd need to be to avoid the issue. This is great btw! 😀
Ross Currie — Founder, CrowdLoot
@jkdncn Probably worth looking at Crabs Adjust Humidity. There's also 4 Kickstarter projects currently running with unofficial expansion packs (3 by the same guy doing US-city-themed packs, a fourth one from someone in the UK)

Generally speaking though I think people who are looking to profit from CAH are taking advantage of @maxtemkin's nature. From what I can see he's not really interested in making the big bucks (although I'm sure he's doing okay), or in being Mr Big Mean Corporate.

From watching and reading interviews/blogs where he's commented, I get the impression it annoys him when people take their idea and make a shoddy knock-off and commercialise it, but I don't feel like he's ever going to do anything about it.
@jkdncn @maxtemkin @rossdcurrie Totally agree about the point about shoddy knockoffs. I spent far too long testing and rebuilding this because if it was 'shoddy' (it's not perfect, yet), I would've done nothing but disrespect the game and it's creators.

When I released it, I sent an email to them asking if they'd like me to add anything (ie. a more prominent 'buy the cards' button) and haven't heard back.
Hans E Hyttinen — Lives in a future
Thanks for making this. I started working on the same idea a few years ago but never got around to finishing it.
joseph p albanese — Product Designer at Facebook
As a fan of CAH I'm really happy to see someone made a web app of the card game. That being said, the UI you chose looks really similar to my concept from over a year ago...Can you talk about your design process?
@josephpalbanese Thanks! Your's looks nice. I went through a bunch of iterations but the ultimate goal was to mimic the original game's 'UI' as close as possible.

I assume you're talking about the way the white cards are shown in both UIs. The white cards are horizontally scrollable because you hold cards horizontally IRL, I chose to show 2 white cards and a sliver of the third as that's basically as small as I could make the text, while showing as many cards as possible (and making it obvious that you can scroll).

Let me know if you'd like to hear more. Always open to suggestions too!
Avi Zuber — Android Developer @ Meerkat
Looks like this gets the ghost emoji now. :(
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