Tinder for dogs. Adopt cute pups that need a home.



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Henrik Werdelin — Partner @Prehype, Founder @BarkBox
Yes, @thetylerhayes all the dogs shown in the BarkBuddy app are rescue dogs.

If your friends have any shelter related questions about the app they are welcome to contract Danielle at BarkBox - she is product lead on both BarkBuddy, our Barkfund ( and our donations
Frank Fumarola — Product at Pinterest, Formerly Facebook
As I said on Twitter: Great idea @BarkBuddy from @BarkBox! The only problem is... where will I fit all these dogs? And will Roxy approve?
Henrik Werdelin — Partner @Prehype, Founder @BarkBox
Thanks all for the comments. We are indeed trying to make dogs more famous than cats on the internet :)

@rrhoover Our overall goal is to make all dogs happy and healthy (thats why we dedicate so many of our resources to support dog shelters). From a biz perspective, we hope to do that by building a number of new pawsome products in areas where we feel that the pet industry have lacked in innovation. So while we hope that each new product line can support the other products in the Bark & Co family, we see each of them as a stand-alone business unit with their own p&l. BarkBox is currently our biggest business - but our ambition is to grow the other destinations to become as successful as BarkBox. Hope that answers your question.
Tyler Howarth — Designer at Medium
My dog (Bodhi) is on the homepage! :D

We adopted Bodhi from BarkBox's PupUp event last summer.
Will Imholte — Designer, Prime
Yes. I need this.

More importantly, I need @thetylerhayes to need this.
Jason — Brand Growth Advisor
I love Niches.... pets are going to be a BIG trend in 2014.
Will Imholte — Designer, Prime
@thetylerhayes, have you checked out their iTunes screenshots:

Just sayin'
Mike Bracco — Product at JibJab
I still prefer Adult Cat Finder ;)
Peter Shankman — CEO, The Geek Factory, Inc.
Seriously, @bracco - I'm sick of cats getting second tier status. :)
Niv Dror — Writer/Social Editor @ProductHunt
This is hilarious... And I love it.
Ryan Hoover — Product Hunt
@werdelin - you're doing some interesting things at BarkBox, creating separate destinations for dog care (BarkCare), dog-related entertainment (TheBarkPost), and now adoption.

What's your goal with these sub-brands? Is it to drive attention and customers to your money-maker, BarkBox?
Tyler Hayes — Blab
Is it all rescues? I know some people who would like to recommend BarkBuddy but want to make sure there aren't pups for sale from breeders/mills.
Frank Fumarola — Product at Pinterest, Formerly Facebook
From what I can tell it pulls from PetFinder almost exclusively. But I have no knowledge to if that is really the case.
Ryan Hoover — Product Hunt
@tylr your dog is a supermodel
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