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Sid Yadav — Product Designer & Front-end Developer
Hey everyone - I'm the creator of 5iler, and a designer/front-end developer. If you have any feedback on 5iler, I'd love to hear it!

As one of Product Hunt's hourly skimmers, thanks for posting to this site -- it's one of my sources for daily inspiration.
Jonathan Tzou — Growth & Product @ Complete
Simple and gorgeous. Will be giving this a try at work today :)
Ryan Hoover — Product Hunt
Love the design. Well done, @sidyadav. It's like the next iteration of TypeHere cc @staringispolite
Özgür Alaz — Trend Expert, Founder of @usefulideasnet

It is great tool. I really like it.
But i cant install it. Because my default security preferences block to install an app from unknown developers
Özgür Alaz — Trend Expert, Founder of @usefulideasnet

Can i export mynotes?
Zack Shapiro — iOS at Splash
@sidyadav This is really cool, going to give this a try for a few days. I'd love keyboard shortcuts as a way to quickly flip between notepads on the web. Esc to go back to the collapsed view and i, r, t, l, and p to auto-open and focus on that particular one.

Mousetrap is a really nice JS library for easy JS keyboard shortcuts, if you want to give it a go! (https://github.com/ccampbell/mou...)

Another piece of feedback: when I downloaded the Mac app from your site and went to open it, my computer told me I couldn't open it because it's not from the App Store or a registered developer (default security settings on a Mac, I believe). Might be worth distributing through the App Store just to avoid any possible dropoff that could happen from having to change security prefs
Sid Yadav — Product Designer & Front-end Developer
Thank you so much for your amazing feedback, everyone! 5iler is a labour of love and I don't intend to make any money from it, so feedback like this keeps me going :)

@ozguralaz - I wasn't able to build in file export into the current version, but it's something I'll be adding in the near future (I myself have wanted it from time to time). I'll keep you posted!

@ZackShapiro - Thank you! Absolutely, shortcuts have been the #1 requested feature -- they're coming up very soon! My current thinking:
- Cmd + Tab to switch to the next file from within an open file
- Esc to go back to the collapsed view
- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 to open a particular file (from left to right)
- Am I missing one?

Re: Mac App Store - since 5iler was compiled using node-webkit, there are a few hoops to go through on this end, but I'm working on it! I didn't want to live or die by the Apple Gods, so thought I'd put it out there for now. Weird that it doesn't recognize it as being from a registered developer -- I registered as one and codesigned it for this purpose (on my own Mac, this stopped it from warning me that the app came from an "unknown developer").
Guy Gal — Growth at Joyus
I love this. I'm just terrified by the prospect of losing my notes. Evernote has a great backup system that I've come to trust. How are you handling storage?
Sid Yadav — Product Designer & Front-end Developer
@guygal - Thank you! Currently, it's using your browser's local storage which resets whenever you manually clear your browser cache. This is only an issue on the web app; on the Mac desktop app, it uses a cache specific to the app so your notes can't/won't go anywhere.

This said, I'm looking into building in simple file export first, and then Dropbox or Evernote syncing! Since 5iler changes so often, I personally think it'd be great to have it backup hourly on Dropbox (this may be an advanced/pro feature though).
Guy Gal — Growth at Joyus
A dropbox/gdrive sync would make this bad ass.
Sid Yadav — Product Designer & Front-end Developer
@ZackShapiro - 5iler now supports keyboard shortcuts! http://5iler.com/me
Claudio Gallo — Stereomood + Bad Panda Records
@sidyadav Thanks for the keyboard shortcuts, love this!
Sid Yadav — Product Designer & Front-end Developer
@jtzou @ozguralaz @ZackShapiro @guygal @daualset 5iler now supports Dropbox syncing!!!


Thanks so much for the early feedback, you guys -- 5iler has been picked up by LifeHacker :) http://lifehacker.com/5iler-is-a...
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