Notion’s API is open in public beta starting today

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May 13th, 2021
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Notion is taking its “all-in-one workspace” to the next level with the launch of the Notion API.
Notion teams and devs are thrilled this Thursday: Today's the day the Notion API moves from private to public beta.

Notion has been keeping people up to date and sharing milestones on the API build on Twitter and Reddit. Their latest update had shared that the API contains many of the fundamentals devs would expect including reading and writing to pages, querying databases, and authorization.
Notion API demo with Discord
Notion API demo with Discord
Notion explained its goal for the beta phase:
“Our goal is to establish that the Notion API is robust, easy to use, and trustworthy. In public beta, we’ll be adding new features and making significant changes based on your feedback. Once the most important improvements are included, the API will transition from public beta to general availability – you’ll have everything thing you need to build integrations teams and businesses can depend on.”

The API is available to all Notion users, free and paid. Notion is also hosting a Workshop on how to build with the Notion API on May 27.
Cristina Cordova, Head of Platform & Partnerships, also shared that Notion is "launching with some partners today, including Zapier, Typeform and which our users can take advantage of without writing any code at all."
When a thriving application open ups their API beyond the waitlists, the Product Hunt community can expect a wave of products to follow. We’ve already seen a host of tools, built alongside or on top of Notion, launch in the last two years. Now we can anticipate more robust automations and integrations, from long-awaited functionality (GCal integration, please) to delightfully innovative tools.
What are you most excited to see?
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Eithiriel DeMeré
Go-to-Market Product Marketer
That's amazing!
Michael Eatonn
Michael Eatonn
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