Notion is expanding its Startup program in partnership with AWS and Stripe

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September 28th, 2021
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Any startup can apply to receive a credit to use Notion's team-based plans for free.
When we first launched our Notion for Startups program two years ago, we had no idea how much the world would change — or how many different shapes and sizes of companies would end up relying on our tools to bridge the divides of remote work.
Some of these companies are like Cocoon, whose founders used Notion from day one before being acquired by Substack (where they will continue using Notion). Others, like Headspace and Figma, are now keeping teams of hundreds aligned. Our startup community ranges from 90% of Forbes' Cloud 100 to over 50% of new YC batches — and it's a privilege to help everyone in between build their teams, fundraise, ship products, and adapt to this strange, new reality.
That's why we're excited to announce that we're significantly expanding our Notion for Startups program. Before, we offered a $1,000 free credit to startups working with one of our venture capital or accelerator partners (that's not changing). Now, any startup can apply to receive at least $500 in credit to use Notion's team-based plans for free — enough to cover a team of 5 for a year.

Every day, we see early-stage companies doing necessary work without traditional sources of funding. We want all founders to have access to the support and tools they need no matter what path they take.

New partnerships with AWS & Stripe

As part of expanding our program, we're kicking off partnerships with two of the world's startup super-connectors: Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) and Stripe. Both of their startup programs — Activate Console Exclusive Offers and Atlas, respectively — reach thousands of companies globally, extending access to offers, resources, and tools like Notion where it hasn't existed before. We're also joining AWS' Partner Network (APN) to help AWS customers leverage Notion for their work.
We're excited to meet brand new startup audiences through these portals, including many that may have never used collaboration software they can customize before.
Similar to how AWS and Stripe are the server and payment infrastructures for the world, we want to be the go-to infrastructure for collaboration — for everyone from founders in a room to thousands distributed globally. We couldn't ask for better partners as we open this new chapter of our startup program.
We also want to do our part to share what we've learned. Which is where the last pillar of this launch comes in... ✨

Dozens of new resources to help you start up

We're releasing a new wave of guides, videos, tips, tricks, templates, live workshops — you name it — and just for startups! We've learned in depth about how Notion is used across category leading companies, and we're keen to share this knowledge with the rest of the ecosystem.
Available now, we've pulled together a Startups Starter Pack with a 5-minute tutorial to get spun up, walkthroughs for every type of team, customer stories, and templates from both us and companies like yours.
Other programs on the way:
We hope you'll follow along, join us for live events, and write-in about other resources (and features!) you'd like to see.
On a personal note, I head up customer experience here at Notion, and it's been inspiring to be on the front lines talking to users, seeing firsthand how startup growth has only accelerated over these last couple years. With all the shifts in how people work, this is truly a testament to the resilience of builders everywhere. We're lucky to work with you, and look forward to serving you even better.

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Henry Fieldse
The "Notion Startup" community has over 300 founders around the world who are active in their local ecosystems and are looking for a home where they can continue to grow. The program provides founders with access to the Notion platform, community, and content. In addition, members of the "Notion Startup" community have access to discounts on Notion's premium product offering. Reading article give a hint about how we can create our own startup and make it a massive success like the "Notion Startup". I am feeling so much motivational and inspirational after reading this article.
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