How a Climate Tech startup closed 5+ enterprise deals before even launching

Published on
January 9th, 2022
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Remora, The Bureaucracy Buster
Evan Armstrong is an investor, founder, and adviser. He's a lead writer at Every, where he writes the Napkin Math, a publication focused on business breakdowns, by the numbers. Find him on Twitter: @itsearmstrong.


  • This is the first post in a new series where I examine how startups are able to build something great. These posts aren’t sponsored and the company doesn’t pay for the coverage.
  • Remora Carbon signed multiple enterprise customers in its first year of existence and didn’t do anything truly unique with its sales process. Instead, it built a shared incentive revenue model, chose its first customers carefully, and attacked the global problem of climate change.
  • Other startups can emulate their success by going after truly difficult problems (e.g. quit building boring productivity and workflow software).

This excerpt is from an article originally published on Every, a publication and writer collective focused on business.
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