Product Hunt Pro Tips

Also see our F.A.Q.

Welcome to Product Hunt, a place to discover, share, and geek out about new products in technology. Before hunting a product, take a peek at these rules of đź‘Ť:

  • Product Hunt is for new or relatively unknown tech products. As much as we love, it probably isn’t a good fit for the homepage today. :)
  • Please refrain from posting events, blog posts, private groups, services, and other things that are not products, as relevant as they may be for the community.
  • Curious to explore the most upvoted products? Enter * into the search bar, but don’t tell anyone about our little secret. ;)
  • Products that are available to use, download, or purchase get priority. Those that have not launched rarely get featured on the homepage.
  • Once featured, products cannot be reposted with exception to significant updates or product pivots (see below).
  • Of course product development isn’t static, so we are willing to consider significant updates as new product submissions by contacting us but these are rare and often not allowed.
  • Taglines matter. The best taglines are succinct, describe the product, and avoid cliche descriptions like “email on steroids” or superfluous buzzwords like “a beautiful SoLoMo livestreaming experience.”
  • Please use proper grammargrammer and spellling.
  • What’s featured on the frontpage is driven by the community. The ranking algorithm takes into account numerous factors, including time since posting and fraudulent voting ring activity.
  • After posting a product, add a comment to kick off conversation.
  • If you know who made a product, invite them to join the discussion! It’s always fun to hear the backstory directly from product makers.
  • Feel free to share products you post (or find) but don’t ask for upvotes. Gaming may result in the product being removed from the site. People should upvote what they think is useful or interesting, not because they’re peer pressured.

We appreciate the energy each and every person brings to the discussion. Here are ways to get involved and add value to the enthusiastic Product Hunt community:

  • Sharing your baby (i.e., product) with the world is incredibly exciting and nerve-wracking. Treat makers with respect but also don’t hesitate to challenge each other and ask difficult questions.
  • And of course, we won’t accept discrimination or overtly offensive comments. Be nice and if you see bad behavior, please let us know at
  • Posting and commenting access is awarded by existing members of the community through an invite system. Don’t be shy -- ask your friends for a hookup.
  • Create collections. Get creative (like Lucy). The more interesting or useful the better.
  • Get out there and share your ideas. Talk to us. We love to hear your feedback via or on Twitter at @ProductHunt.