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The best alternatives to ZenQalendar are Relief, Swadesh Money, and Notifinio.
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Best alternatives to ZenQalendar
The Heroku alternative trusted by 20+ unicorns

  • Relief is the TurboTax for getting out of debt. Our app makes it easy by negotiating directly with your creditors to cut down your principal balance in half or more- for FREE Get $100 towards your debt by joini...

  • Open a zero-balance U.S. account in 3 minutes using just your passport and visa, and enjoy seamless cross-border transfers & secure U.S. banking! Receive a FREE US SIM card and a virtual VISA debit card to star...

  • With NOTIFINIO we aim to make investing on Stocks Market easy and profitable for non professional investors. Initially our product was just a set of algorithms that we(co-founders) used for ourselves. While tho...