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The best alternatives to WSB Index are Wall Street Bets Tracker, Enombic, and Lyrics Monster. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to WSB Index
The smarter, simpler dashboard software

  • WSB tracker is a website dedicated to tracking popular stocks mentions and stats on r/WallStreetBets

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  • Lyrics Monster is a simple yet powerful search engine that allows you to search a song from the part of the lyrics you love! We can find most of the songs with just a few words of the lyrics. Try it out nowQ

  • Stonksfolio is a free community-supported project that makes it easy to track multiple stock, ETF and crypto investments in a single place. ⠀ It shows historical performance and a number of useful metrics that ...

  • The Real-time WallStreetBets sentiment tracker measures the sentiment in the reddit forum. They also track WSB market sentiment relative to market (SPY) and have a WallStreetBets Index to monitor intraday price...

  • Fun project to track the trends of stocks mentioned on WallStreetBets. The data is pulled hourly so you can track the % change by hour, day, and week.

  • Robintrack is a tool for viewing data about the popularity of stocks held by users of the Robinhood brokerage. It allows users to view information about the most (and least) commonly held stocks and view trends...

  • We are creating AI for investors. With our cutting-edge platform, investors will be able to make better decisions with the help of machine learning, from news analysis to social media tracking, we provide a wid...

  • ApeWisdom.io is a stock and cryptocurrency mention tracker. It counts how many times the ticker of a stock or cryptocurrency such GME,AMC,BTC or TSLA has been mentioned.

  • Have you ever come across stock research on Reddit and wanted to find out more about the post creator or the stock itself with as little effort as possible? Give us a username and the ticker, we will profile th...