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The best alternatives to Widgapp are Widgeridoo, Widgee - Beautiful Widgets for iOS 14, and Timedash Widget. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Widgapp
The smarter, simpler way to analyze your data

  • Widgee is the perfect app to personalize your home screen with beautiful widgets, with ready-to-use templates and a simple interface!

  • with Widgeridoo you just combine different blocks to your desired widget. For example there’s blocks for images, text, health data, calendar events, birthdays, even text from JSON requests and more.

  • Timedash combines your most vital daily information in one nifty widget: time, date, weather & a daily step counter, all available in one clear overview. Carefully designed with lots of attention to detail, Tim...

  • WidgetGrid is a new way to turn Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, Notion Database & Airtable Database into data-driven widgets on the home screen. You can start from templates to create widgets. You can edit your...

  • Create beautiful widgets and open playlists, videos, documents, contacts, songs, tweets and many things from the home screen

  • A collection of customizeable widgets for iOS 14 to help you personalize your iPhone

  • Cue is an on-demand communication tool to empower your users. You can design your own widget and trigger them whenever you want with a custom message.

  • Widgeridoo was always great to build your own widgets by combining blocks with different functions. But not everyone wants to make their own so now there's "Explore" with dozens of free pre-made widgets to down...

  • A beautiful collection of iOS widgets integrating with GitHub dependabot vulnerability alerts and GitHub Actions build workflows.

  • YouWidget provides your live YouTube video feed on your iOS home screen. View the feed of your favourite subscriptions, videos of a particular channel, popular videos or simply your channel uploads.

  • With the launch of iOS 14, I created MusicView which was the first app to push the boundaries with interactive widgets. Since then, MusicView has been updated to include top tracks, custom widget themes and App...

  • Engrave is a design-focused Widget app that let you create beautiful widgets with your most precious photos right from your Home Screen under iOS 14.