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The best alternatives to Watchfacely iOS are ustwo Timer Watch Faces, ArtWalk, and Facer for Apple Watch. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Watchfacely iOS
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  • Gorgeous timers for your Android-powered watch

  • A mobile app for exploring urban culture & art in NYC

  • With support for fully-dynamic complications, Facer for Apple Watch gives you access to a whole new world of faces. Try out the new designs from NASA, Star Trek, Tetris, and designers from around the world.

  • ustwo's collection of Watch Faces for Android Wear

  • The app provides detailed information about every official watch band ever released. Options to create a wishlist and to track a collection —with unique stats and insights— make this beautifully designed app th...

  • Watch Mirror was developed to help instantly preview designs and simple prototypes directly from Figma into Apple Watch. A simple pairing step connects Figma to your device and allows you to see, scroll and nav...

  • This clean, uncluttered face consists of low-profile, minimalist hands anchored by an unobtrusive "macro-scale" digital readout that seamlessly fades into the bezel. Includes app shortcuts, calendar complicatio...

  • A collection of watchface apps for Pebble smartwatch.

  • This bespoke watchface has been handcrafted with an easy-to-read "fuzzy" text readout in 5-minute increments. The face shows upcoming events, heart rate, and 3 customizable complications and 2 shortcuts. Enjoy!

  • Floral Stock Watch Face is a simple and beautiful Watch Face for your Wear OS Smartwatch. Floral Stock Watch Face has a digital interface from which you can choose between six beautiful floral backgrounds to en...

  • The latest handcrafted watchface from Monograph blends practicality, glanceability and sophistication. The text readout in 5-minute increments is incredibly easy to read. The rotating numerals allow you to chec...

  • Utility Watch Faces is the ultimate watch face customization platform for Wear OS smartwatches and soon will be launching for Tizen smartwatches. Utility Watch Face offers everything you need to customize & per...