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The best alternatives to Watch Routine are Fithero, Ultimate Notion Workout System, and Athos. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Watch Routine
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  • FitHero can be your notepad in the gym. It helps you track your workouts and progress in a simple way.

  • A Notion system and template for planning and keeping track of workout programs and sessions, this product acts as a hub for any fitness journey, where consistency is pivotal in order for success to manifest it...

  • Wearable workout clothes that track your workouts

  • Workouts enables you to track your workout progress by date or grouped by week/month/year to make it easier to see your progress over time. It also offers a more visual way of displaying your workouts to furthe...

  • Squat is also called full squat. It is one of the most complex and practiced movements in bodybuilding. It is also a movement in powerlifting competitions. This is an app that automatically records the number o...

  • Measured success. Track your workout. Train your body.

  • Everything you need for smarter and better Workouts. An application to manage all your workouts and shape. Create personalized workouts based on time, distance or repetitions. Record your shape and follow your ...

  • FlexFile is a simple way to log and track your workouts

  • The following modes are supported: AMRAP, EMOM, Rounds for time, Tabata. Workouts are logged to your Apple Health/Activities. If you have AirPods a live announcer will tell you important information about your ...

  • Fit commit is an AI based workout tracker The app starts with built-in workout sessions. During a workout, the app opens a camera to track the workout activity. This activity is logged once performed.

  • Built for SUP, Kayak, OC, Canoe, Prone as well as sailing or swimming. Paddle Logger provides the functionality you need to record your journeys, track your goals and be safe on the water. **Great on Apple Watc...