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The best alternatives to Wash Your Lyrics are Should You Fly During Coronavirus?, Do Not Touch Your Face, and WASH YOUR F**KING HANDS. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Wash Your Lyrics
  • Should You Fly? lets you get the latest flight change and cancellation policy with airlines affected by the coronavirus epidemic. You can browse over 30 airlines, check for relevant travel waivers, and make changes to your flight by calling airline support.

  • Do Not Touch Your Face is a tool that teaches you to avoid touching your face using your webcam.

  • It's 2020 and we're on the verge of a global pandemic. Are you taking f**king hand-washing as serious as you should? Sign the pledge to wash your f**king hands + tell others.

  • PreventEpicemics.org is the world's first website to provide clear and concise country-level data on epidemic preparedness and the ability to find, stop and prevent epidemics.

  • This is a simple hand washing timer for Apple Watch. - Quick launch using Watch face Complications - Times your hand washing for the CDC recommended 20 seconds. - Plays a tone and gives haptic feedback when washing is complete.

  • RscMe monitors changes of your heart rate. When your heart is not working properly (exceeding your maximum heart rate or dropping critically low), a text message with your name, location, and heart rate will be sent to your selected emergency contacts.

  • The CDC recommends not touching our faces to stop the spread of COVID-19. The #NoTouchChallenge is a webapp that times how long you can go without touching your face. All processing happens in your browser. No videos, or faces are sent to any remote server.

  • Washem is a mobile app that teaches kids and adults how to wash their hands conform the handwashing instructions provided by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Washem uses animations and a timer so anyone can follow along with the hand washing procedure.