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The best alternatives to WakeMeHere are Next Up, Light Alarm for iOS, and Stand Clock Display. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to WakeMeHere
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  • The first full-featured podcast alarm clock for iOS. Next Up lets you wake up to your favorite podcasts instead of grating alarm sounds or music you'll soon grow to hate. Choose the volume, snooze duration, pla...

  • Does the same as the big brothers like Philips Wake-Up Light or Lumie Bodyclock, but with your iPhone. The app will slooowly turn on the screen brightness, then the flashlight, and then the birds will follow to...

  • Turn your iPhone and iPad into a real watch using "Stand Clock display" app. Use it as a desk clock during the day or at night. Customize clock to make it fit better your style.

  • Next time I'm Up is a new twist on an old system. It is reminders built off motion and not a clock or timer. You set your reminder and continue what you are doing, you get your notification when you get up and ...

  • Alarm Buddy is a fun alarm app that helps you wake up by playing simple, cute and engaging games.