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The best alternatives to Vocalora are Alpe Audio, Listle, and Newsly. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Vocalora
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  • Alpe Audio is a new kind of audio platform. Learning is a lifelong endeavor of discovery, curiosity, self, and career improvement. But in today's on-the-go lifestyle, there's no educational content for "on-the-...

  • Listen to the best articles on the Internet. New audio articles every day, read by great human voices. Download the mobile app to start listening.

  • Listen to top-trending web articles, read in a natural voice while you wash the dishes or laundry, cook, commute or just relax. Staying up-to-date on your favourite topics has never been easier. Ideas for your ...

  • 5min is perfect for getting latest news stories when you’re walking, driving, cooking or working out. Professional narrators will read the news to you, just tap the play button and listen. 5min supports English...

  • Read with Amira uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to offer personalized tutor services for children ages 5-10 who are in their formative years of learning to read and is used by over 300 school ...

  • 💬 Sometimes we spend more time picking what to read rather than reading. With Tiny Text, simply select topics that interest you, and receive an article to read on-the-go every week!