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Explore the world from the comfort of your own home. 🏝
Can't travel now? Virtual Vacation is an easy to use travel hub that gives users the ability to walk, drive, fly and even view live footage from some 500+ cities from around the world! Not enough? Virtual Vacation even has interactive games!
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City Guesser 3.0
The best way to explore, and play from home
Virtual Window by VirtualVacation
Experience window views from around the globe 🌎
Virtual Vacation
An immersive platform for virtually exploring world cities.
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  • Launch
    City Guesser is a browser based game for exploring the world at home. Players are shown a video, and have to guess where it is based on the clues around you. Utilize the clues around you like street signs, business names, architecture and more.
  • Launch
    Virtual Window by VirtualVacation is a webapp that lets you experience views from windows around the globe. Window viewing is an everyday occurrence. Whether that be from the office, or your house, Virtual Window lets you expand your reach on the world. ✨🌎
  • Launch
    Virtual Vacation lets you "experience the world from home" via several modes of travel listed on the homepage. These modes of travel show videos from different cities, and include webapps, interactive games, and more. 🌐
  • Launch
    Explore hundreds of cities by clicking dots on a map. 🌎
  • Launch
    City Guesser is a browser based game that shows you videos from cities around the world, and has you guess where it is based on the clues around you. Use clues like license plates, flags, and street signs to help you figure it out. 🤷‍♂️ 🌍
  • Launch
    City Guesser is a spinoff of GeoGuessr that drops you in a random location to have users guess where they are at. However, what makes City Guesser special is that we utilize real footage of the location. You'll see cars moving, people walking, and hear noises!