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The best alternatives to VideoRead are Bookmark It, Rocket Note, and Annotate.tv. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to VideoRead
  • Hey PH, I'm Miguel a Software Developer and I want to show you my first completed side project that I've been working in the past days. It is an extension that lets you create awesome bookmarks on Youtube videos while showing you the best part of videos. Hope you like it <3, all comments are welcome!

  • Rocket Note is a Chrome extension that lets you take timestamped notes that will take you back to that specific point in the video when clicked.

  • Capture the most important takeaways from any video by taking timestamped notes. Share them with your peers, access them from anywhere in the world and keep coming back to build your own information library.

  • vdNote is a really cool way to watch and share noteworthy moments in YouTube videos. Paste a link of a video and start watching. Start typing a note at any moment and the video stops while you write. It then timestamps your note to that point in the video so others can see the context. It's even easy to share a note to @twitter!

  • I created Sidenote for myself, to write summaries of conference talks and content-rich videos, so I could easily jump back to the moment of the video that’s referred in my notes. Sidenote is free to use, you can browse others' notes and create your own!

  • You can use TubeNote to take notes in real time while watching YouTube. Saved memos can be viewed and edited at any time from the memo list page. Take notes while watching YouTube with "TubeNote" for good life right now.