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The best alternatives to Vestige are Stratagem, Effortless 2.0, and Monthly Makers Club. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Vestige
  • A simple product for individuals looking to concisely plan, relate, and visualize their short term, long term, and overarching goals.

  • Effortless is a mac menu bar app that helps you stay focused on one thing at the time.

  • Do you have an idea you have spent way too long incubating or a long list of ideas you'll likely never ship? If you answered yes to either question then join us and launch your project within the month.

  • Introduce X Progress 4! Been featured on the Mac App Store (Great in Big Sur / Widgets Get an Update) and the iOS App Store (Great on iOS 14). X Progress helps you to track event’s progress, from the progress of the year, to all kinds of custom events.

  • What's your greatest achievement in 2021? Notice everyday small wins and start your accomplishment journal. Create momentum and focus on your progress day after day, it's motivating and keep yourself accountable.

  • Want to save up for a large purchase? Or do you want to achieve some other measurable goal. You can always see on a progress bar how far you have gone and how much is left. Goal Ahead is a quiet reminder on your screen. Keep on striving toward your goal!

  • Simple task tracker with daily accountability.

  • A personal self-care dashboard featuring trackers for water, breath, gratitude, and a to do list. The New Tab page reminds you of key habits throughout your workday. By following through on the Tab reminders, you take good care of our mascot Tito and yourself.

  • Calendar Buddy is a time planning app for individuals who seek to make the most out of their time, or just simply become a better version of themselves. It offers Time Planning, To-Do List, Goal Setting, Statistics and more.