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The best alternatives to UnitConversion are Easy Units for Figma, Rental Cash Flow Calculator, and kalk. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to UnitConversion
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  • Easy units is the only plugin for converting your Figma frame dimensions into physical units — in, cm, ft, and rem.

  • Rental Cash Flow App is a rental property cash flow calculator for determining if a property is a good rental investment. This tool will provide you with both a cash flow analysis, as well as an amortization ta...

  • kalk is a calculator that has syntax highlighting, automatically turns names into symbols (eg. sqrt to √), supports math-like syntax (eg. f(x) = x(2sinx + 3) estimation of derivatives and integrals, complex num...

  • Convert between commonly used units showing you step by step how the conversion was made. Make conversions easily with an intuitive interface and learn how the conversion was made using the conversion factor. S...

  • There's a lot of unit converters out there, but this one has CSV support, has built in encryption/decryption of codes(morse, caesar cipher, etc).