The best alternatives to UnderlineMe are Weava, Liner, and LINER for Chrome. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to UnderlineMe
  • Never get lost in your search again! Keep track of what is important & Organize your research with Weava, a free but powerful research tool, to get 100% productivity boost up.
  • LINER is Asia’s first AI Agent that helps users accomplish more with less time and effort “AI Workspace”, known as the autonomous agent, performs various and complex tasks requested by users using LLM-based AI, differentiated by LINER’s highlighter database. More than 94% of LINER's users are from outside Korea & more than 100 countries. We are reducing our customer’s research time from hundreds of minutes to tens of seconds every day with our product.
  • Highlight everything! From Wikipedia to PDF files
  • “App of the Day“ - Apple, Inc. Make powerful book highlights, and stop forgetting what you read. Highlighted makes it easy to capture, organize, revisit, and export important parts of your books.
  • Extension that allows to share highlights to Buffer
  • Save those interesting websites, images, videos, tabs and text you find online, then access from anywhere on any device. Share and collaborate with others OR store those sensitive sites in hidden collections that only show with a pin (away from prying eyes)
  • Easy way to guide your website visitors to check out information you want them to see. It's FREE. No signup. Just connect your Google Sheet.
  • Browser extension which makes it easer to follow comment threads on Hacker News across multiple visits, allows you to annotate and mute users, and other UI tweaks and mobile UX improvements
  • Lynkmark allows you to save, organize & share links with your team, whether it's a website, document, video or anything. You can just organize them and share it with your team without any hassle. Never miss any important links or your inspiring ideas
  • Chrome extension adding code syntax highlighting to Medium articles. Forget those black-on-gray blobs of code! Highlight theme switchable on-the-fly. Works on all Medium articles, regardless of domain (i.e.,,, etc.).
  • See at a glance when your baby last ate, and what the meal was. Tap the milk, breast feeding or meal button to add a new entry, as you don't have any time for anything else at that moment. You can edit the meal type, date and time later if needed.