The best alternatives to TriviaMob are WTF: Live Game Show, YAS - Live Gameshow, and Cash Car Trivia. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to TriviaMob
  • WTF recognizes that we live in an unrecognizable world, but we’re experiencing it together: the highs, the lows, the uncertainty and of course all the WTF moments. WTF has real cash prizes, and it’s the first cryptocurrency-powered game show app in the world. WTF is the second app on the Props Ecosystem.
  • YAS is a crowdsourced live game show. Sometimes YAS will ask questions. Sometimes there will be challenges. Doing well gives you Luck. Multiply your Luck by not missing a game. Your total Luck influences your chances of winning the weekly $1000 cash prize. Winners are announced live on the YAS Facebook page every Sunday night at 6pm Pacific Time.
  • Cash Car Trivia: the first ever trivia game built solely for Uber riders. Like HQ, but in your Uber.
  • Play a live trivia game show, then chill with your friends in group video. Relax with fun voice-based party games, watch a unicorn fly over your head, or go nuts guessing what crazy filter you have on your face!
  • The first Trivia Battle-Royale game 🕹️ Nothing to install/download, you play for free over email 📩 Compete against other startups, win bragging rights and prizes (coming soon)! Play by emailing Games Mon/Weds/Friday at 2pm ET.
  • is a real time streaming website where you can play in-browser games with the streamer. I'll be live for the next while, come join me!