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The best alternatives to TribeBright are Nao., Moodpath, and Sleep Jar. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to TribeBright
  • You can record your feelings for up to 30 seconds with your emotion. AI robot “Ashlee” based on CBT will reply to you every time. You can help others as well. Helping a fellow human being has a positive impact ...

  • If you're struggling with depression or anxiety, Moodpath is the leading mental health app to guide you toward emotional well-being.

  • Sleep Jar helps you sleep, relax, meditate, and focus through beautiful audio experiences. Millions of people regularly listen to Sleep Jar's expansive library of soundscapes, stories, and guided meditations to...

  • Aurum is a new age app to improve your emotional and mental wellness. We leverage unique content, AI, access to expert therapists all in a single ecosystem.

  • An online marketplace connecting users who are searching for a solution for their emotional needs with wellness/medical professionals. The platform will be a one-stop solution for anyone who needs suggested opt...

  • Through multiple digital channels, such as videos, podcasts, text carousels, and interactive exercises, Sblam helps you assimilate knowledge about your psychological, emotional, and relational functioning and t...