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The best alternatives to TracKit are Art+Steps, Nokia Health Mate, and CARROT Fit. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 30 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to TracKit
The smarter, simpler way to analyze your data

  • Art+Steps is a different kind of step counter app. Instead of displaying charts or graphs, it shows you a different artwork each day. The artwork is revealed in sync with your steps progress, and if you hit you...

  • Total health tracking: activity, heart rate, weight, sleep

  • A judgemental weight tracker

  • Having a dedicated app can be very valuable. However, most of these apps ask you to set a goad and send you notifications. ScaleBook offers a different, guilt-free approach to help you make objective decisions....

  • 1 in 3 adults lives with multiple chronic conditions. Brain Dump leverages the power of Notion to make their lives easier, tracking ten dimensions of life with chronic illness.

  • Vekt helps you keep track of your weight and get it into Apple's own Health app. The design of this app is focused on speed and simplicity.

  • A beautiful weight tracking app for Android and iPhone

  • A beautiful weight tracking app for iOS

  • Incredibly flexible free weightlifting tracker app. Create or edit workout routines using built-in scripting language Liftoscript. Or just use prebuilt routines, they'll handle progressions and deloads for you.

  • Track your progress and task statistics and get inspired by it. What can motivate you better than your own success?

  • Systemize was inspired by the revolutionary method of achieving goals and creating new habits using systems instead of tasks. You just create a long term goal, create a system, and track your progress over time...

  • Your weight fluctuates daily depending on hydration, sleep, stress and many other factors. Instead of just comparing one value to a previous one Scelta focuses on comparing weekly and monthly averages to show y...

  • The best way to make routes for running, walking, or cycling! In just a few clicks, you can create custom routes - simply specify how long you want the route to be or how many steps you want to reach. Explore n...

  • Workout tracker for weight lifting and strength training

  • Deep Health Tracker - Beyond Steps and Weight

  • This template will help you keep track of your workout. It includes columns such as: - Duration - Workouts - Date - Files & Attachments There is also a paid version of this template which includes space for you...

  • Body and Weight is a body and weight tracker. This app will help you to get control over your body, health, mind, and improve yourself every day!

  • Track weight, activity, heart and sleep

  • Notes Keeper is a small, easy to use, and fast app to serve all your note-making needs. This app gives you a fast and simple notepad creating experience where you can write notes, memos, emails, messages, lectu...

  • Easily enter in your weight and it will be saved to your iPhone's secure HealthKit store. Ideal for those who prefer to manually track their weight regularly. Simple scales also shows and saves your Body Mass I...