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The best alternatives to Tooth. are Willo - Pre-order, Bride Brite, and quip. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Tooth.
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  • An oral care device designed to out perform your toothbrush.

  • Bride Brite uses dual-light technology inside of a comfortable mouthpiece to unlock your most dazzling smile. Designed by an Ivy League trained dentist, this at-home kit targets tough stains to whiten deeply wh...

  • Quip is a Brooklyn, New York based company that provides oral care products and dental services online.

  • Peel-and-stick electronics for crafting circuits.

  • Encompass guarantees an ideal brushing in just 20 seconds, while eliminating user error. Cleaning half your teeth at once, the brush head self-adjust to your mouth, ensuring an optimal clean every time -- even ...

  • The razor stand & toothbrush holder, reinvented

  • Windchime let's you book last minute appointments with dentists at a discount. Dentists join the Windchime network and agree to a fair set of fees, so a discount really is a discount. Don't see a time that work...

  • Soocas X3 Upgraded is equipped with a brand new and upgraded sonic power to clean you teeth. With the brand new button designs, it provides better touch. Sophisticated details make X3 Upgraded more excellent.

  • By gamifying one of life’s more tedious tasks Toothy helps you in your pursuit of brighter gnashers. It plays your favorite music and offers vocal cues on the areas of your teeth you should be focusing on. Toot...