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Get teamwork done 10x faster with all tools in one place. Your digital space for managing bookmarks, dashboards, wikis, conversations, tasks, and more!

Tixio.io tech stack

We're aware of 8 technologies that Tixio.io is built with. Tixio.io utilizes products like Intercom, Hotjar in their tech stack

Recent launches

Tixio Whiteboard
Tixio Whiteboard is a collaborative whiteboard. It's an infinite drawing canvas with a simple, colorful, and enjoyable user interface. It gives you dynamic visuals that allow pieces to be changed in real time rather than after they have finished.
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Tixio Task
Tixio task is a scalable task management tool that is customized to fit any business needs. From a simple to-do list to a complete project manager - it can scale up to every purpose. Break complex projects into sub-projects, tasks, and sub-tasks with no sweat.
Tixio Task image
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