The best alternatives to Time are Futuramo, SaveMyTime, and YouTube Time Tracker. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Time
  • Futuramo offers a suite of work management tools for teams working on digital projects. Foster collaboration between teams, clients and businesses.
  • SaveMyTime tracks your activities and gives insights how you spend time. It helps you to discover bad habits and save time for what you love.
  • YouTubeβ„’ Time Tracker is an open source Chrome Extension that tracks time you watch Youtube. Unlike other extensions it doesn't track anything but time and keeps data only inside your browser.
  • Website Time Tracker is an app which automatically tracks the time spent on your Mac and websites everyday! Instant is a menu bar app that also lets you keep track of your productive and unproductive time. - Track daily time being spent on websites from your Menubar - Also track time spent in apps like Mail & Slack. - Get weekly and monthly graphs. - Get information on the productive and unproductive time spent
  • The first invoicing tool specifically for developers. Devs leave a history of their work with git commits; why not turn that data into beautiful, detailed invoices and save hours every month. Select dates and repos you worked on. Add styles and billing information. Export a detailed invoice as PDF or HTML. It's that easy. Plus, it's FREE !
  • What if you had the chance to see your wallet getting fatter with money with each passing second while working? Belion will reward your working time with that exact feeling.
  • This is a simple interface to Google Sheets, that allows you to log your time. Log it here, and analyze from Google Sheets later.
  • A Time tracker focused on just project based time tracking and analytics based on it.
  • Let your teammates always know where your head is at! Tack takes your running Toggl timer and puts it as your Slack status. You can also start timers, stop timers and get reports, without leaving Slack at all.