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The best alternatives to Three Messaging are Spike, Chatfully, and Darkwire.io. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Three Messaging
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  • Spike's conversational email app makes working easier and more efficient. Saving you and your team time, sanity, and a lot of headaches.

  • Chatfully is one place for every chat. Centralize communication — from texts to web chat to social media — and share in team inboxes to follow-up in 1/3 the time. Chat with contacts 1-to-1, all together using c...

  • Anonymous encrypted web chat using socket.io and web crypto API

  • Whois³ is a simple tool for querying web3 domains/accounts' details, just like the well-known WHOIS protocol does.

  • BlockTalk is a social network centered around Ethereum transactions. See your transactions and NFTs, like and add descriptions to them, and discuss them all in one place.

  • Xifrem is a chat application offering both symmetric and asymmetric encryption completely client-side, meaning that text is encrypted in your browser through a password or a public key before being sent to the ...

  • Fiat on-ramp is the service to buy cryptocurrency via fiat currency.Since FaTPay supports dozens of fiat currencies as well as cryptocurrencies in multiple countries/regions You could manage to get tons of user...