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The best alternatives to Think Up are Calm, Restly 2.0, and Able: 28-Day Affirmation Plan. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Think Up
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  • Calm is a software company based in San Francisco, California. It produces meditation products, including guided meditations and Sleep Stories.

  • We believe that sleep quality is closely connected with your mental wellbeing. Positive thinking is a new approach to improving sleep. Self-love, Personal growth, Love & Friendship, Stress & Anxiety, Financial ...

  • Daily affirmations help shift your mindset to positive thinking. Get a personalized plan for 28 days that will help you become grateful, inspired, content, and just happier by verbally affirming your dreams and...

  • Download our app and practice positivity ✌️

  • Daily affirmations help shift your mindset to positive thinking. Get daily motivations by verbally affirming your dreams and ambitions. Choose your goals and get personalized content every day. Set reminders to...

  • An affirmation is a positive statement that can help you challenge and overcome negative thoughts. When you repeat them often and believe in them, you can begin to make positive changes.

  • The national news became unbearable to watch while working for a large media company. Too many mass shootings, women's rights ugh the politicians, and no justice for minorities. Modup is built for students, mil...

  • Get daily inspiration with Venus – the app that delivers an AI-generated artwork and quote to your home screen every day. Elevate your routine and stay motivated with Venus. Download now!

  • Rejections? Setbacks? Failure? Life-ing is hard. Affirm helps you power through life's hurdles by generating empowering affirmations. Affirm uses the latest NLP techniques to generate affirmations. Just type in...

  • Fateshift is a visualization tool that will help you create beautiful affirmation videos, also known as mind movies. With Fateshift, you can create short videos with affirmations. You can add images, videos, an...

  • Affirmations for VSCode gives you affirmations every time you open up vscode in everyone's favourite formatJSON. Use "affirmations" to get more Affirmations. Built using : https://www.affirmations.dev/

  • We are a startup team of high school students who are active in Korea. We finally released the English version. I hope you'll have a lot of interest!

  • Innerchats is intuitive tool for leading an inner dialogue. While many of us already do that, having a dedicated place and intuitive interface can lead to deeper and more insightful dialogues. It can also benef...

  • A positive affirmations/ self motivation app with widgets. You can choose from different categories or create your own. Share them with your friends or post it directly to your Instagram story.

  • My Affirmations is an Alexa skill that gives you one new empowering affirmation each day to overcome negative thoughts. All you have to do is repeat the affirmation of the day.

  • Affirmaty makes mind programming functional. Presenting, ready-made, 3-min audio affirmations with variable music backgrounds.

  • Improve your mental health with the proven science of daily affirmations and gratitude journaling. No app necessary. Affirmations and gratitude prompts are delivered via text to help you feel better every day.

  • Change your negative thoughts into positive ones with the power of positive affirmations! With Believe, you’ll start to reprogram your mind to achieve anything you desire and feel confident. Available for all y...