The best alternatives to The Homework App are Subjects, Notion Student OS, and Student OS Dashboard. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to The Homework App
  • ✅ Manage assignments, tasks, degrees, and program progress with an in-depth and powerful management system! 🌞 Get an overview of important tasks and track your daily habits! 📜 Take and organize your notes! 💵 Track credit and budgets! 😎 And so much more!
  • Subjects is an app for students to track timetables, homework, and grades. While having a simple and minimalistic UI, under the hood, it is packed with advanced features to deal with complex schedules, assignments, and grading.
  • More effectively manage your life as a Student with Notion.
  • [The app no longer exist] We Ynspire is a student desk app and student room app to chat with students, with a job board.
  • Create exams and quizzes, practice with online exam simulator and share exams with friends to help them prepare. Take Quizzes to Prepare for Your Next Exam, Track your progress, Signup is Free!
  • You will never miss any Homeworks or Exams. Be productive.
  • Tructivity is the perfect app for students who want to be organized in school. It helps you manage your tasks, classes, and grades.
  • Academic Planner for Students Who Don't Settle Maximize your academic potential with our Student OS. The all-in-one student planner streamlines your study routine, organize your notes and task, and helps you stay on top of your assignments and deadlines.
  • ClassPlanit helps teachers generate awesome lesson plans in minutes! Personalized activities and worksheets are generated in one click that align to your specific standards and objectives. Gain access to powerful analytics for data driven instruction.
  • Ultimate Student OS simplifies the management and tracking of academic tasks, helping students organize their university material in one place. Take control of your university career and reduce stress and confusion with our Notion template!
  • StudentMate connects to an existing LMS (or custom classes) to read your teacher pages, uses AI to parse the page and extract assignments, then adds it to StudentMate. StudentMate then reminds you via email or text at different times based on what you set.
  • I'm currently a senior in highschool, and my app solves many of the problems I had going through school. This app helps students calculate Grades and GPA, and keep track of homework, assignments, due dates and test to keep them at the top of their game
  • Preserve your knowledge forever with Endorba, the unique app that allows you to create, store and share an organised library of courses on your Mac.
  • Planning lessons is now faster and easier than ever. With Qlix, you can seamlessly create lesson plans, manage your timetable and track performance. Qlix is available on all your devices, so it's accessible whenever you need it.
  • For college students across the world, AfterClass is the one-stop-shop information aggregator which aims to create a borderless community, that has grown out from the successes of SMUMods - a non-profit student side project.